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Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp.

The semiconductor operations of Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips other than DRAMs (flash memory, SRAMs etc.) Accordingly, although Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Semiconductors, and other Mitsubishi brand names are mentioned in the document, these names have in fact all been changed to Renesas Technology Corp. Thank you for your understanding. Except for our corporate trademark, logo and corporate statement, no changes whatsoever have been made to the contents of the document, and these changes do not constitute any alteration to the contents of the document itself. Note : Mitsubishi Electric will continue the business operations of high frequency & optical devices and power devices.

Renesas Technology Corp. Customer Support Dept. April 1, 2003
Refer to the page as to the product guaranteed maximum junction temperature 150C
APPLICATION Vacuum cleaner, light dimmer, copying machine, other control of motor and heater

Symbol VDRM VDSM Parameter Repetitive peak off-state voltage1 Non-repetitive peak off-state voltage1 Voltage class 600 720 Unit V

Parameter RMS on-state current Surge on-state current I2t for fusing Peak gate power dissipation Average gate power dissipation Peak gate voltage Peak gate current Junction temperature Storage temperature Weight Typical value

Conditions Commercial frequency, sine full wave 360 conduction, Tc=109C3 60Hz sinewave 1 full cycle, peak value, non-repetitive Value corresponding to 1 cycle of half wave 60Hz, surge on-state current

Refer to the page as to the product guaranteed maximum junction temperature 150C

Symbol IDRM VTM VFGT ! VRGT ! VRGT # IFGT ! IRGT ! IRGT # VGD Rth (j-c) (dv/dt)c Gate trigger current2 Gate non-trigger voltage Thermal resistance Critical-rate of rise of off-state commutating voltage

Parameter Repetitive peak off-state current On-state voltage

2. Measurement using the gate trigger characteristics measurement circuit. 3. Case temperature is measured at the T2 terminal 1.5mm away from the molded case. 4. The contact thermal resistance Rth (c-f) in case of greasing 1C/W. 5. Test conditions of the critical-rate of rise of off-state commutating voltage is shown in the table below.

Test conditions 1. Junction temperature Tj=125C 2. Rate of decay of on-atate commutating current (di/dt)c=10A/ms 3. Peak off-state voltage VD=400V

Commutating voltage and current waveforms (inductive load)


Some Part number from the same manufacture Renesas
BIC701C Bias Controlled Monolithic ic VHF/uhf RF Amplifier

R5F64212LFB : Renesas MCU

HD6417040AVCF16 : Renesas 32-bit Single-chip RISC Microprocessor Superh RISC Engine Family/sh7040 Series(cpu Core Sh-2)

R5F61653M : Renesas 32-bit CISC Microcomputer H8SX Family / H8sx/1600 Series

HAT2189WP : Silicon N Channel Power MOS FET Power Switching

M38854M6-XXXHP : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

DF2372RVLP34V : Embedded - Microcontroller Integrated Circuit (ics) External Tray 3 V ~ 3.6 V; IC H8S/2372 MCU FLASH 145-LGA Specifications: Program Memory Size: 256KB (256K x 8) ; RAM Size: 32K x 8 ; Number of I /O: 96 ; Package / Case: 145-TFLGA ; Speed: 34MHz ; Oscillator Type: External ; Packaging: Tray ; Program Memory Type: FLASH ; EEPROM Size: - ; Core Processor: H8S/2000 ; Data Converters: A/D 16x10b; D/A 6x8b ; C

HD64338776LPWV : MICROCONTROLLER Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE

HD64F3694GFX : 16-BIT, FLASH, 12 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PQFP32 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 10.4 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 22 ; Package Type: LFQP, Other, 7 X 7 MM, 0.80 MM PITCH, LQFP-32 ; Operating Range: Commercial ; Pin Count: 32 ; Operating Temperature: -20 to 75 C (-4 to 167 F) ; Feature

HD74AC373FP-E : AC SERIES, 8-BIT DRIVER, TRUE OUTPUT, PDSO20 Specifications: Technology: CMOS ; Device Type: Line / Bus Driver ; Supply Voltage: 3.3V ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Package Type: FP-20DA ; Pins: 20 ; Features: RoHS

HD74LV08AT : LV/LV-A/LVX/H SERIES, QUAD 2-INPUT NOR GATE, PDSO14 Specifications: Gate Type: NOR ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 2 ; Propagation Delay: 19 ns ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Pin Count: 14 ; IC Package Type: Other, FP-14DAV

HSS81TD : 0.15 A, SILICON, SIGNAL DIODE, DO-34 Specifications: Diode Type: General Purpose ; IF: 150 mA ; trr: 0.1000 ns


Same catergory

1A1 : General Purpose Rectifier- Through Hole.

2SK2490 : Power MOSFETs / VZ Series (Three Terminal Type). Input capacitance (Ciss) is small. Especially, input capacitance at 0 biass is small. The static Rds(on) is small. The switching time is fast. APPLICATION DC/DC converters Power supplies DC 12-24V input Product related to Integrated Service Digital Network Absolute Maximum Ratings iTc = 25j Item Symbol Conditions Storage Temperature T stg T ch Channel.

2SK3024 : VDSS(V) = 60 ;; ID(A) = 20 ;; RDS(on) (max)(W ) = 0.05 ;; RDS(on) (max) (VGS=4V)(W ) = 0.07 ;; Package = U-A1U-G2.

6A05 : 6 Amp Rectifier 50 - 1000v. Low Cost Low Forward Voltage Drop High Current Capability High Surge Current Capability Low Leakage Operating Temperature: to +175C Storage Temperature: to +175C Maximum Thermal Resistance; 10C/W Junction To Ambient Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 800V 1000V Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 800V 1000V Average Forward IF(AV) = 60C Current Peak.

BUZ12A : Sipmos Power Transistor ( N-channel Enhancement Mode Avalanche-rated ).

FQB1P50 : 500V P-channel QFET. These P-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild's proprietary, planar stripe, DMOS technology. This advanced technology is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance, provide superior switching performance, and withstand a high energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation modes. These devices are well.

KSF25A120B : Device = FRD ;; Ripetitive Peak Reverse Voltage(V) = 1200 ;; Average Rectified Current(A) = 25 ;; Condition(cace or Ambient Temperature) = Tc=32 ;; Surge Forward Current(A) = 400 ;; Maximam Operating Junction Temperature( C ) = 150 ;; Storage Temperature( C ) = -40 to 150 ;; Peak Forward Voltage(V) = 2.5 ;; Peak Forward Current(A) = 25 ;; Peak Reverse.

SBL2040PT : 5 to 100 Amp. Schottky Rectifier. Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classifications 94V-0 Dual rectifier construction, positive center-tap Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction Low power loss, high efficiency High current capability, low forward voltage drop High surge capability For use in low voltage, high frequency inverters, free-wheeling, and polarity.

TIP31CF : = General Purpose Transistor ;; Package = TO-220IS. CHARACTERISTIC Collector-Base Voltage Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current Base Current Collector Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Tc=25 DC Pulse SYMBOL VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICP PC Tj Tstg RATING UNIT V CHARACTERISTIC Collector Emitter Sustaining Voltage Collector Cut-off Current Collector Cut-off.

VP2/5A/CAB//47VDC : Relay Plug-in Dpco.

03028-BR122BJZP : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 100 V, BR, 0.0012 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Capacitance Range: 0.0012 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 5 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 100 volts ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology.

BTA06T-600CWRG : 6 A, SNUBBERLESS TRIAC, TO-220AB. s: Thyristor Type: Triac ; Package Type: TO-220, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, ISOLATED TO-220AB, 3PIN ; Pin Count: 3 ; IT(RMS): 6 amps ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS.

CS12525 : RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 20 W, 2; 5 %, 150 ppm, 10 ohm - 200 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT, 2525. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thin Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD), 2525, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 150 C (-67 to 302 F).

D2TO035 : RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE/THICK FILM, 35 W, 1; 2; 5; 10 %, 150; 250; 700; 1100 ppm, 0.01 ohm - 550000 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD), TO-263, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Operating DC Voltage: 250 volts ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 175 C (-67.

1221MNV1546FWN0550 : CAP,AL2O3,220UF,330VDC,10% -TOL,20% +TOL. YV Q cYZ \ ei PYV cYZ jZ Y UWeiY UWd S d WiY UWeiY `V \ eWXL WcWg\d WegY UWeiY L WcWg\ d WegY P`X YZ WegY _YWhWiY jZ Z Yed r s\ cWd \ `e NWgd `Z PYV cYZ \ d ^ yn mnnn n L kWZ iY Web b\ [gkWZ iY WdZ Wd Yb z`X d WiY Wdmw \ e YpYZ yn [Yg`eb[ f `Zmnnn Y[ z\ W[k jY b\ [gkWZ iY Z Y[\ [d WegY `fn{ l{ n lno k\ e lmo `fd d \ WXV YW[jZ Yb pWX jY L WcWg\ d WegY.

2252518 : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, 500 V, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Leaded Capacitor ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F).

35CGQ150PBF : 35 A, 150 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, TO-254AA. s: Arrangement: Common Catode ; Diode Type: RECTIFIER DIODE ; Diode Applications: Rectifier, EFFICIENCY ; IF: 35000 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS ; Package: HERMETIC SEALED PACKAGE-3 ; Pin Count: 3 ; Number of Diodes: 2.

682P106B2800S : CAP,MET POLYPROPYLENE,10UF,800VDC,10% -TOL,20% +TOL. s: Technology: Film Capacitors ; Applications: General Purpose.

84R7LEM0407SCN58EM : CAP,AL2O3,4.7UF,35VDC,20% -TOL,20% +TOL. s: Applications: General Purpose ; Electrolytic Capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic.

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