Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MB84VD2118XA-85-PBS
DescriptionCMOS 16m (x 8/x16) Flash Memory & 4m (x 8/x16) Static RAM
CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
DatasheetDownload MB84VD2118XA-85-PBS datasheet


Features, Applications

Stacked MCP (Multi-Chip Package) FLASH MEMORY & SRAM

Power supply voltage 3.6 V High performance 85 ns maximum access time Operating Temperature to +85C Package 69-ball BGA , 56-pin TSOP FLASH MEMORY Simultaneous Read/Write operations (dual bank) Miltiple devices available with different bank sizes (Refer to Table 1) Host system can program or erase in one bank, then immediately and simultaneously read from the other bank Zero latency between read and write operations Read-while-erase Read-while-program Minimum 100,000 write/erase cycles Sector erase architecture Eight 4 K words and thirty one 32 K words. Any combination of sectors can be concurrently erased. Also supports full chip erase. Boot Code Sector Architecture MB84VD2118XA: Top sector MB84VD2119XA: Bottom sector Embedded EraseTM Algorithms Automatically pre-programs and erases the chip or any sector Embedded ProgramTM Algorithms Automatically writes and verifies data at specified address Data Polling and Toggle Bit feature for detection of program or erase cycle completion Ready-Busy output (RY/BY) Hardware method for detection of program or erase cycle completion Automatic sleep mode When addresses remain stable, automatically switch themselves to low power mode. Low VCC write inhibit 2.5 V Hidden ROM (Hi-ROM) region 64K byte of Hi-ROM, accessible through a new "Hi-ROM Enable" command sequence Factory serialized and protected to provide a secure electronic serial number (ESN)

Embedded EraseTM and Embedded ProgramTM are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

(Continued) WP/ACC input pin At VIL, allows protection of boot sectors, regardless of sector protection/unprotection status MB84VD2119XA:SA0,SA1) At VIH, allows removal of boot sector protection At VACC, program time will reduse by 40%. Erase Suspend/Resume Suspends the erase operation to allow a read in another sector within the same device Please refer to "MBM29DL16XTD/BD" data sheet in detailed function

SRAM Power dissipation Operating 40 mA max. Standby 7 A max. Power down features using CE1s and CE2s Data retention supply voltage: V CE1s and CE2s Chip Select Byte data control: LBs(DQ0-DQ7), UBs(DQ8-DQ15)


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