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CategoryDiscrete => Solid State relays
CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
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Note: The designation name is stamped on the top of the relay case as follows: (Example) designation ordered : FBR18ND05 Stamp : 18ND05

2 form C small size,surface mounting relay. Super miniature size: 0.2 inch 0.1 inch grid, 12 pin DIP to 50% less volume and board area than previous generation telecom relay. UL, CSA recognized. High dielectric and surge strength: 2.5 KV surge (per Bellcore 1.5 KV surge (per FCC part 68) 1,000 Vrms, open contacts Low power consumption: 80 mW operate 140 mW nominal Tape and reel packing for automatic mounting. FBR18 N (a) (b) D (c) 12 (d) P M (e) (f ) (g) (CSA) s (h) (i)

Series Name Enclosure : FBR18 Series [2 pole double throw (2 form C)] N : Plastic sealed (washable type) Coil Type : DC coil Nominal Voltage Refer to the COIL DATA CHART Nil P Contact Material : Gold-overlay silver-nickel : Gold-overlay silver-palladium : Standard : High density mounting Terminal Nil M Custom Designation CSA Standard To be assigned custom specification CSA: UL114 + CSA recognized Packing Nil : Tape and reel (500 pieces/tape and reel) Contact rating A 30 VDC resistive A 110 VDC resistive A 125 VAC resistive

Item Contact Arrangement Material Style Resistance (initial) Rating (resistive) Standard (Gold-overlay silver-nickel) 2 form C (DPDT) -P type (Gold-overlay silver-palladium)

Maximum Carrying Current Maximum Switching Power Max. Switching Voltage*1
Maximum Switching Current Minimum Switching Load*2 Capacitance (at 10 kHz)

Approximately 1.0 pF (between open contacts, adjacent contacts ) Approximately 1.0 pF (between coil and contacts) Approximately (0.2 W for 24 V coil) Coil Nominal Power (at 20C) Operate Power (at 20C) Maximum (0.112 W for 24 V coil) Approximately 115C/W

Thermal Resistance at Continuous Thermal Load Operating Temperature Operating Humidity
Release (at nominal voltage) Max. Switching Frequency Resistance (initial)
Mechanical Hz or electrical 0.5 Hz (at contact rating) Minimum 1,000 M (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric between open contacts Strength adjacent contacts between coil and contacts
Surge between open Strength contacts, adjacent contact

If the switching voltage exceeds the rated contact voltage, reduce the current. The current values vary according to the type of load. Values when switching a resistive load at normal room temperature and humidity and in a clean atmosphere. The minimum switching load varies with the switching frequency and operation environment.

FBR-18 N type MODEL Standard FBR18ND24 -P type FBR18ND06-P FBR18ND09-P Nominal Coil current resistance (at nominal voltage) (10%) approx. 28 mA Must operate1 voltage* Must release 1 voltage* Coil temperature rise

*1: Specified values are subject to pulse wave voltage. Note: All values in the table are measured FBR-18 W type

*1: Specified values are subject to pulse wave voltage. Note: All values in the table are measured at 20C.

75% max. 10% min. Approx. W of nominal of nominal (at nominal voltage voltage)
75% max. 10% min. Approx. W of nominal of nominal (at nominal voltage voltage)
(DATA) assumes that the maximum allowable temperature of E type insulation coil is 115C
AC resistive load ( AC contact rating) DC resistive load ( DC contact rating)


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