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CategorySensors => Piezoelectric Sensors
DescriptionPiezoelectric Vco ( 6 to 30 MHZ )
CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The M3 series (E100) of VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) apply to the frequency range 70-300 MHz. The M3 series uses a single lithium tantalate piezoelectric crystal (LiTaO3) that has large electromechanical coupling coefficient, and a unique SAW resonator. That provides wide bandwidths, and exceptional stability in VHF band until 300MHz.

Frequency range: to 300MHz Wide frequency controllable range: Over than ±1600 ppm 4.5 V) Excellent temperature stability: ±200 ppm or less to 70 °C) No adjustment is required due to high accuracy oscillation frequency (±300 ppm or less) Highly reliable hermetically sealed package High carrier noise ratio: -90dB or less (Detuning;12.5kHz, bandwidth; 8kHz) Small type, and compatible with 8-pin DIP IC

Pin No. Symbol VIN GND Pout VCC Input (Control voltage) Ground Output Supply voltage Descriptions

Parameter Supply voltage Input control voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Oscillation frequency range Symbol VCC VIN Ta Tstg Rating Min. Max. Unit V °C MHz

WARNING: Piezoelectric devices can be permanently damaged by application of stress (voltage, current, temperature, etc.) in excess of absolute maximum ratings. Do not exceed these ratings.

Parameter Supply voltage Input control voltage Operating temperature Control electrode Symbol VCC VIN Ta Value Min. Straight polarity Max. Unit V °C

WARNING: The recommended operating conditions are required in order to ensure the normal operation of the piezoelectric device. All of the device's electrical characteristics are warranted when the device is operated within these ranges. Always use piezoelectric devices within their recommended operating condition ranges. Operation outside these ranges may adversely affect reliability and could result in device failure. No warranty is made with respect to uses, operating conditions, or combinations not represented on the data sheet. Users considering application outside the listed conditions are advised to contact their FUJITSU representatives beforehand.

Nominal frequency 70.0 MHz 74.25 MHz 97.2 MHz 155.52 MHz Application Wireless HDTV B-ISDN Part number FAR-M3DC-97M200-E100 FAR-M3DC-155M52-E100


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