Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FAR-M2SC-12M288-D113
CategoryTiming Circuits
DescriptionPiezo Electric Vco
CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The M2 series (D110) Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) directly oscillate in the frequency range to 30 MHz. The M2 series VCO use a piezoelectric single crystal with high electromechanical coupling coefficient (LiTaO3: lithium tantalate) for stable and wide variable frequency width. Excellent S/N and jitter characteristic due to high Q of lithium tantalate can realize high quality playback sound and picture, especially in PLL circuit of digital audio and video equipments.

Wider variable frequency width than quarts crystals: 0.2% or more High stability (100 times more stable than LC or TTL-IC VCO) Excellent S/N and jitter characteristic due to high Q of lithium tantalate for high quality playback sound and picture. Excellent temperature characteristic: ~ 500 ppm +70C) 10-pin SIP ready for high-density mounting.

(Front view) Terminal No. Terminal Name VIN A-GND VOUT VCC D-GND Description Control voltage input terminal Analog grounding terminal Output terminal Power supply terminal Digital grounding terminal D-GND VCC VOUT A-GND VIN

Note: The GND terminals are not connected inside the module. Be sure to route them on the PC board.

Item Power supply voltage Input control voltage Power consumption Operating temperature Storage temperature Oscillation frequency range Symbol VCC VIN PD Ta Tstg Rated value Unit mW C MHz

Item Power supply voltage Input control voltage Operating temperature Symbol VCC VIN Ta Rated value Unit V C

Frequencies 12.288 MHz 13.500 MHz 14.318 MHz 16.934 MHz Uses Audio Video Audio Part number FAR-M2SC-14M318-D110 FAR-M2SC-16M934-D110 Frequencies 17.734 MHz 22.579 MHz 24.576 MHz 28.636 MHz Uses Video Audio Video Part number FAR-M2SC-24M576-D110 FAR-M2SC-28M636-D110

(VCC 5.0 V) Item Power supply current Oscillation frequency Output voltage H level L level Symbol ICC fH f1 VOH VOL f (VCC) f (Ta) Condition Not loaded VIN 5.0 V VIN 0 V VIN 2.5 V VIN 2.5 V VCC V VIN 2.5 V Rated value minimum +2000 VCC standard 5.0 0 maximum ppm +500 *2 Unit mA ppm V *1

Frequency voltage stability Frequency temperature stability


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