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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Protection
Description600 Watt Transient Voltage Suppressors
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Cross ref.Similar parts: 1N6424A, P4KE36A, P6KE36, BZW0631, BZW03C36, P6KE36ARLG, SA36AG, TMPG06-33-E3/54, TMPG06-36 /73
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Features, Applications

Features Glass passivated junction. 600W Peak Pulse Power capability at

Excellent clamping capability. Low incremental surge resistance. Fast response time; typically less

than 1.0 ps from 0 volts to BV for unidirectional and 5.0 ns for bidirectional. Typical IR less than 1.0 µA above 10V.

- Bidirectional types use CA suffix. - Electrical Characteristics apply in both directions.

PPPM IPPM PD IFSM Tstg TJ Peak Pulse Current Power Dissipation.375 " lead length = 75°C Non-repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current superimposed on rated load (JEDEC method) Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature

*These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of any semiconductor device may be impaired.

Note 1: Measured 8.3 ms single half-sine wave; Duty cycle = 4 pulses per minute maximum.

Uni-directional Bi-directional (C) Device P6KE400(C)A P6KE440(C)A Reverse Stand-off Voltage VRWM (V)

Figure 1. Peak Pulse Power Rating Curve
25º C Pulse Width (td) is Defined as the Point Where the Peak Current Decays 50% of Ipp
Amax 8.3ms Single Half Sine-Wave JEDEC Method
Figure 5. Steady State Power Derating Curve


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