Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NDF653
CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Fast Recovery Diodes => 1600V
DescriptionFast Recovery Diode - Disc / Puk Devices
CompanyDynex Semiconductor
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Features, Applications


I Induction Heating I A.C. Motor Drives I Inverters And Choppers I Welding I High Frequency Rectification I UPS

I Double Side Cooling I High Surge Capability I Low Recovery Charge
Type Number Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM V Conditions
Outline type code: CB479. See Package Details for further information.

Symbol Double Side Cooled IF(AV) IF(RMS) IF Mean forward current RMS value Continuous (direct) forward current Half wave resistive load, Tcase = 65oC Tcase = 65oC Tcase 870 A Parameter Conditions Max. Units

Single Side Cooled (Anode side) IF(AV) IF(RMS) IF Mean forward current RMS value Continuous (direct) forward current Half wave resistive load, Tcase = 65oC Tcase = 65oC Tcase A 1/7

Symbol IFSM I2t IFSM I2t Parameter Surge (non-repetitive) forward current 10ms half sine; with 0% VRRM, 125oC I2t for fusing Surge (non-repetitive) forward current 10ms half sine; with 50% VRRM, 125oC I2t for fusing A2s kA Conditions Max. 6.5 Units kA

Symbol Parameter Conditions Double side cooled Rth(j-c) Thermal resistance - junction to case Single side cooled Cathode dc Clamping force 10kN with mounting compound On-state (conducting) Double side Single side

Virtual junction temperature Storage temperature range Clamping force

Symbol VFM IRRM trr QRA1 IRM K VTO rT VFRM Forward voltage Peak reverse current Reverse recovery time Recovered charge (50% chord) Reverse recovery current Soft factor Threshold voltage Slope resistance Forward recovery voltage At Tvj 125oC At Tvj = 125oC di/dt = 500A, diRR/dt = -80A/Ás Tcase = 100V Parameter Conditions At 450A peak, Tcase 25oC At VRRM, Tcase = 125oC Typ. 1.8 Max. Units V mA


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