Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MP04HBN-16
DescriptionDual Thyristor, Thyristor/diode Module
CompanyDynex Semiconductor
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Dual Device Module Electrically Isolated Package Pressure Contact Construction International Standard Footprint Alumina (Non Toxic) Isolation Medium Integral Water Cooled Heatsink

Motor Control Controlled Rectifier Bridges Heater Control AC Phase Control
Type Number Repetitive Peak Voltages VDRM VRRM 1600 1400 Conditions
Tvj to 125C, IDRM = IRRM = 50mA VDSM = VRSM = VDRM = VRRM + 100V respectively

Module type code: MP04. For further information see Package Details. Fig. 2 Electrical connections - (not to scale)

Note: When ordering, please use the whole part number.

Stresses above those listed under 'Absolute Maximum Ratings' may cause permanent damage to the device. In extreme conditions, as with all semiconductors, this may include potentially hazardous rupture of the package. Appropriate safety precautions should always be followed. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Ratings may affect device reliability. Symbol IT(AV) Parameter Mean on-state current Test Conditions Half wave resistive load Tcase = 75C Tcase = 85C IT(RMS ITSM I2t ITSM I2t ITSM I2t ITSM I2t Visol RMS value Surge (non-repetitive) on-current I2t for fusing Surge (non-repetitive) on-current I2t for fusing Surge (non-repetitive) on-current I2t for fusing Surge (non-repetitive) on-current I2t for fusing Isolation voltage Tcase 75C 8.3ms half sine, 0 8.3ms half sine, = 50% VDRM 10ms half sine, 0 10ms half sine, = 50% VDRM Commoned terminals to base plate. AC RMS, 1 min, 50Hz Max. 103 3000 Units A2s V

Symbol Rth(j-c) Parameter Thermal resistance - junction to case (per thyristor or diode) dc Half wave 3 Phase Rth(c-hs) Thermal resistance - case to heatsink (per thyristor or diode) Tvj Tstg Virtual junction temperature Storage temperature range Screw torque Mounting - M6 Electrical connections - M10 Weight (nominal) Mounting torque = 5Nm with mounting compound Reverse (blocking) 130 C Test Conditions Min. Max. Units C/kW

Symbol IRRM/IDRM dV/dt dI/dt Parameter Peak reverse and off-state current Linear rate of rise of off-state voltage Rate of rise of on-state current Test Conditions At VRRM/VDRM, To 67% VDRM, = 125C From 67% VDRM to 1500A, gate source = 125C VT(TO) rT Threshold voltage On-state slope resistance At Tvj = 125C. See note 1 At Tvj = 125C. See note V m Min. Max. 1000 500 Units mA V/s A/s

Note 1: The data given in this datasheet with regard to forward voltage drop is for calculation of the power dissipation in the semiconductor elements only. Forward voltage drops measured at the power terminals of the module will be in excess of these figures due to the impedance of the busbar from the terminal to the semiconductor.


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