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DescriptionInternationally Approved TV Rated Rockers
CompanyNihon Kaiheiki Industry
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Features, Applications

Industry's first molded rocker with TV rating. Designed to handle large inrush current. JWM models certified for TV-5 rating and JWL models for TV-8 rating. Special 72V DC rating for JWL models to use in worldwide telecommunication equipment for power distribution applications.

Prominent external insulating barriers increase insulation resistance and dielectric strength.
Constructed for dust resistance with interior cover between actuator and contact area.
Specially designed to break light contact welds.
JWMW panel seal version meets of IEC60529 Standards (similar to NEMA 4 and 6).
Terminals are molded in and epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust, and other contaminants.
Housing and case of heat resistant resin meet UL 94V-0 standard.

Power Level: 125/250V AC for JWM & JWMW models; 30V DC for JWMW; 125/250V AC for JWL models; 72V DC for telecommunication applications

Contact Resistance: Insulation Resistance: Dielectric Strength:
Mechanical Life: Electrical Life: Nominal Operating Force: Angle of Throw:

10 milliohms maximum for JWM & JWMW; 20 milliohms maximum for JWL 1,000 megohms minimum 2,000V AC minimum between contacts for 1 minute minimum; 4,000V AC minimum between contacts & case for 1 minute minimum 25,000 operations minimum 25,000 operations minimum JWM & JWMW Single Pole 3.92N & Double Pole 7.84N JWL Single Pole 5.00N & Double Pole 10.00N 26

Housing/Frame & Barrier: Interior Seal for JWM & JWL: Case/Base:
Silver alloy Silver alloy Brass with silver plating
Operating Temp Range: Humidity: Vibration: Shock: Sealing:

25C through +70C (13F through +158F) for JWM & JWL; 25C through +85C (13F through +185F) for panel seal JWMW model ~ 95% humidity for 96 hours ~ 55Hz with peak-to-peak amplitude of 1.5mm traversing the frequency range & returning in 1 minute; 3 right angled directions for 2 hours 50G (490m/s2) acceleration (tested in 6 right angled directions, with 5 shocks in each direction) of IEC60529 standard for panel seal JWMW model; dust resistant inner seal for others.

Flammability Standards: TV Ratings for UL & CSA: UL File No. WOYR2.E44145 CSA File No. 023535-0-000

UL94V-0 for housing/frame & case/base of JWL, JWM, & JWMW models JWM & JWMW (TV-5) Overload Test 120V AC for 50 operations: Steady State Current (rms) 7.5A; Minimum Inrush Current (peak) 111A JWM & JWMW (TV-5) Endurance Test 120V AC for 25,000 operations: Steady State Current (rms) 5A; Minimum Inrush Current (peak) 78A JWL (TV-8) Overload Test 120V AC for 50 operations: Steady State Current (rms) 12A; Minimum Inrush Current (peak) 163A JWL (TV-8) Endurance Test 120V AC for 25,000 operations: Steady State Current (rms) 8A; Minimum Inrush Current (peak) 117A JWM & JWMW models recognized AC & JWMW @ 30V DC; JWL models recognized @ 250V AC; 72V DC (specify "/U-DC" after part number to request UL rating be marked on DC rated switches); UL File No. WOYR2.E44145; C-UL File No. WOYR8.E44145. JWM & JWMW models certified @ 250V AC; JWL models certified @ 250V AC; CSA File No. 023535-0-000 JWM models approved at steady state 5A, inrush 80A, resistive 10A, & motor load 6A all at 250V AC; VDE License No. 115637; JWL models approved at steady state 8A, inrush 128A, resistive 16A, & motor load 8A all at 250V AC; VDE License No. 115637. Note: JWM & JWL Double Pole, Single Throw models approved only with the international on-off symbols on the actuator.

Note: JWMW combines with code R only.
Note: JWMW available with black only.
1 2 SPST SPDT * DPST DPDT Black Ivory Red Gray
* DPST must have international ON-OFF symbols for VDE approval.
Note: JWMW available with black or red only.

Standard markings: TV Rating, UL, C-UL, CSA, & VDE. Specific models & ratings for international approvals noted on General Specifications page.

These are inscriptions for Single Throw models only. DESCRIPTION FOR TYPICAL ORDERING EXAMPLE
Red Rocker Cap with International ON-OFF Symbols in Vertical Orientation DPST ON-NONE-OFF Circuit


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