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CategoryCommunication => Network
DescriptionP/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network
CompanyCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation
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PAC680JR6GQ High-performance 1% Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC680R4GQ High Performance Bus Termination Network
PAC680R6GQ Emi/rtit-filter
PAC680R6GQR Emi/rfit-filter
PAC680RGQ P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Ntework
PAC750/500ACQ P/active Termination Network
PAC750/500AQ ac Terminator Resistor-Capacitors, Package : QSOP-24
PAC750AQR P/active ac Termination Network
PAC900FR4GQ High-performance Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PACAC Pactive ac Termination Network
PACAC97 Pactive PC Audio Resistor Network
PACAC97R PC Audio Resistor Network
PACDN002 Pactive 17 Channel Esd Protection Array - Not Recommended For New Designs.
PACDN002Q 17 Channel Esd Protection Array
PACDN004 Pactive 2 Channel Esd Protection Array
PACDN004Y 2 Channel Low Capacitance Esd Protectors, Package : SOT143-4

PAC560GTLQ : GTL Bus Socket 370 Terminators, Package : QSOP24

PACNLT101Q : Non-linear High Speed Termination ic

CM1441 : The CM1441 is a multichannel EMI/ESD array consisting of four low-pass filter with ESD channels to reduce EMI emissions on data ports and lines and four dedicated ESD-only channels. Each EMI filter channel integrates a high quality pi-style filter (30pF-100Ω-30pF) which provides greater than 30

NCC5003K : Bussed Resistor Network

CC5003DAGLP : Isolated Resistor Network

XRN740-1005DBGWP : Stable Extended Capability Chip Series

XRN740-1005JGLP : Stable Extended Capability Chip Series

CM2006-02QS : VGA Port Companion Circuit For Monitors

Same catergory

ACD82112 : Fast Ethernet. 12 Ports 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch Controller. Please check ACD's website for update information before starting a design Web site: For ACD authorized customer use only. No reproduction or redistribution without ACD's prior permission. 1 ACD Confidential. Do Not Reproduce. Use under Non-Disclosure agreement only. Section General Main System Block Diagram System Functional.

AD7506KN : CMOS 8- And 16-channel Analog Multiplexers.

CN8236 : ATM Link Layer Controllers. OC-3 Atm Sar. The CN8236 Service Segmentation and Reassembly Controller integrates ATM terminal functions, PCI Bus Master and Slave controllers, and a UTOPIA level or 2 interface with service-specific functions in a single package for AAL0, 3/4, and 5 operations. The ServiceSAR Controller generates and terminates ATM traffic and automatically schedules cells for transmission.

ELM624 : Protocol Controllers. Control L to Rs232 Interpreter.

HFA3824AIV : Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Baseband Processor. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Baseband Processor The Intersil HFA3824A Direct Sequence (DSSS) baseband processor is part of the PRISMTM 2.4GHz radio chipset, and contains all the functions necessary for a full or half duplex packet baseband transceiver. Complete DSSS Baseband Processor High Data Rate.up to 4 MBPS Processing Gain. to 12dB Programmable.

HFBR-1505A : Fiber Optic Transmitter For Sercos Applications. Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers for SERCOS, PROFIBUS and INTERBUS-S Applications Technical Data HFBR-1505A/2505A (SMA Tx/Rx for SERCOS) HFBR-1515B/2515B (ST® Tx/Rx for PROFIBUS) HFBR-1505C/2505C (SMA Tx/Rx for INTERBUS-S) Meets Industrial SERCOS, PROFIBUS, and INTERBUS-S Standard SMA and ST ® Ports 650 nm Wavelength Technology Specified for Use with.

HFCT-5805A : 155 Mb/s SMF (15km) 1x9 +3.3V Transceiver For Atm, Sonet OC-3 -40C to +85C Black Case.

LOOT670-JO : Multi Topled. P-LCC-4 package color of package: white for use as optical indicator both chips can be controlled separately for backlighting, optical coupling into light pipes and lenses suitable for all SMT assembly and soldering methods available taped on reel (8 mm tape) load dump resistant acc. to DIN 40839 Gehäusebauform: P-LCC-4 Gehäusefarbe: weiß als optischer.

M57729SH : RF Power Module For 490-512MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio.

MC145500 : PCM Codec-filter Mono-circuit. The MC145502, MC145503, and MC145505 are all per channel PCM Codec­Filter mono­circuits. These devices perform the voice digitization and reconstruction as well as the band limiting and smoothing required for PCM systems. The MC145500 and MC145503 are general purpose devices that are offered a 16­pin package. They are designed to operate in both synchronous.

MSM7731-02 : Dual Echo CANceler & Noise CANceler With Dual Codec For Hands-free. Dual Echo Canceler & Noise Canceler with Dual Codec for Hands-Free This version: Jan. 2000 Previous version: Jan. 2000 The an IC device developed for portable, handsfree communication with built-in line echo canceler, acoustic echo canceler, and transmission signal noise canceler. Built-in to the voice signal interface is a linear CODEC for the analog.

SP8400 : Programmable (DC to 3GHz). = Programmable Divider ;; Package Type = SOIC(W) ;; No. Of Pins = 28.

TDA9815 : TDA9815; Multistandard/mac Vif-pll With Qss-if And Dual Fm-pll/am Demodulator.

THS6032CGQE : Low-power Adsl Central-office Line Driver. Central Office ­ 1.35-W Total Power Dissipation for Full-Rate ADSL Into a 25- Load Low-Impedance Shutdown Mode ­ Allows Reception of Incoming Signal During Standby Two Modes of Operation ­ Class-G Mode: 4 Power Supplies, 1.35 W Power Dissipation ­ Class-AB Mode: 2 Power Supplies, 2 W Power Dissipation Low Distortion ­ THD = ­62 dBc = 1 MHz, VO(PP) V, 25- Load.

LX5514 : The LX5514™ is a next generation 2.4GHz wireless LAN power amplifier in the smallest package available for 802.11b/g/n WiFi client and access point applications. With a 2 x 2mm footprint, the LX5514 achieves a 55% reduction in board space requirement over first generation 3 x 3mm devices and provides performance equal to Microsemi's best-in-class, LX5511.

HMC865LC3C : 32 Gbps Limiting Amplifier SMT The HMC865LC3C is a Limiting Amplifier packaged in a leadless 3x3 mm ceramic surface mount package which supports up to 43 Gbps operation. The amplifier provides 30 dB of differential gain. Output voltage swing is adjustable up to 800 mVp-p differential by using the VAC analog control input. Additive rms jitter is less.

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