Details, datasheet, quote on part number: PAC510FRPIQ
DescriptionISOlated Resistor Array / Series Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
CompanyCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation
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PAC510FRPIQ24 ISOlated Resistor Array / Series Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC510FRPIQ24R P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
PAC560FR4GQ High-performance Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC560FRPIQ24 P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
PAC560GQR P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network
PAC560GTL High Performance GTL Termination Network For Socket 370 Processors
PAC560GTLQ GTL Bus Socket 370 Terminators, Package : QSOP24
PAC560JR6GQ High-performance 1% Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC560R4GQ High Performance Bus Termination Network
PAC560R6GQ Emi/rtit-filter
PAC560R6GQR Emi/rfit-filter
PAC560RGQ P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Ntework
PAC680FR4GQ High-performance Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC680FRPIQ24 P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network

CM8870-3 : DTMF Receiver/Transceiver CMOS Integrated DTMF Receiver

CM8880LI : DTMF Receiver/Transceiver CMOS Integrated DTMF Transceiver

PAC1284-03QR : P/active Ieee 1284 Ecp/epp Termination Network

PRC207560J/680K : Clock Terminator And Local Emi/rfi Filter

CSPEMI205G : The CSPEMI205 is a low-pass filter array integrating three pi-style filters (C-R-C) that reduce EMI/RFI emissions while at the same time providing ESD protection. This device is custom-designed to interface with the headset port on a cellular telephone, and contains two different filter values. Each

CM3065-18TO : 2.0 Amp Tri-mode Low Dropout CMOS Regulator

XRN740-1005DBG : Stable Extended Capability Chip Series

CC5003JAL : Isolated Resistor Network

Same catergory

GAE100BA60 : . SanRex IGBT Module GAE100BA60 is designed for high speed, high current switching applications. This Module is electrically isolated and contains IGBT connected with clamp diode in series, soft recovery diode (trr=0.1 s) reverse connected across IGBT. IC 100A VCES 600V VCES sat 2.3V Typ 0.10 s Typ Soft recovery diode Applications Brake for motor control.

MK3723 : Application Specific PLL. Low Cost 3.3 Volt Vcxo. The MK3723 series of devices includes the original MK3723S and the new MK3723D. The is a drop-in replacement for the MK3723S device. Compared to the earlier device, the MK3723D offers a wider operating frequency range and improved power supply noise rejection. The MK3723 is ICS' low cost, low jitter, high performance 3.3 volt VCXO designed to replace.

MT9094 : ISO2-cmos St-bus Family Digital Telephone ( Dphone-ii ). Programmable - Law A - Law codec and filters Programmable CCITT (G.711)/sign-magnitude coding Programmable transmit, receive and side-tone gains DSP-based: i) Speakerphone switching algorithm ii) DTMF and single tone generator iii) Tone Ringer Differential interface to telephony transducers Differential audio paths Single 5 volt power supply The MT9094.

XN01601 : Composite Transistors. Marking = 7S ;; VCEO(V) = -50 ;; VCEO(Tr2)(V) = 50 ;; IC(A) = -0.1 ;; IC(Tr2)(A) = 0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.3 ;; R1(kW ) = ;; R2(Tr2)(kW ) = ;; Package = Mini5-G1.

DB1507S : 1.5 Amp Surface Mount Bridge Rectifiers. Elektronische Bauelemente VOLTAGE V 1.5 Amp Surface Mount Bridge Rectifiers RoHS Compliant Product A suffix of "-C" specifies halogen & lead-free Low forward voltage drop, high current capability Rating to 1000V PRV Ideal for printed circuit board Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique results in inexpensive products Lead.

DM74 : Hex Inverters with Schmitt Trigger Inputs. This device contains six independent gates each of which performs the logic INVERT function Each input has hysteresis which increases the noise immunity and transforms a slowly changing input signal to a fast changing jitter free output Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note) If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor.

CEP79 : ADSL Transformer< SMD Type: CEP Series>. Feature xDSL line transformer. Ideally used in xDSL Central Office. RoHS Compliance. Part Name J10200 C10168B Primary OCL 1090 H 1400 8% Turns ratio (Pri:Sec) 0.9:1 1.33:1 THD (dB) (TYP.) 80(30k, 3.3V) Insulation level Basic Application ADSL CO ADSL CO Please refer to the sales offices on our website for a representative near you .

Niagara 2948 : 48 Port 10 Gigabit Managed Switch Advanced Switching and Routing System. Niagara 2948 is a 48 Port 10 Gigabit Specialized Switch. The Niagara 2948 is an advanced switching and routing system providing Layer 2 switching, IP v4/v6 routing, QoS support and management capabilities. The system is built for optimal flexability enabling multi-mode or single.


920-0007-01 : Prototyping Products 7" Jumpers(Qty 10) with Headers. s: Manufacturer: SchmartBoard ; Product Category: Prototyping Products ; RoHS:  Details ; Product: Jumper & Insulated Wires ; /Function: 7 inch jumper -10 and header, 40 pinch ; Length: 7 in.

UP0.4C-390-R : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 39H 590mA 0.260" L x 0.175" W x 0.115" H (6.60mm x 4.45mm x 2.92mm) Ferrite Core; INDUCTOR POWER 39UH 0.59A SMD. s: Inductance: 39H ; Tolerance: 20% ; Package / Case: 0.260" L x 0.175" W x 0.115" H (6.60mm x 4.45mm x 2.92mm) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: Ferrite Core ; Current: 590mA ; Mounting Type: Surface.

FC11-060-05 : 1-OUTPUT 3 W DC-DC REG PWR SUPPLY MODULE. s: Output Voltage: 4.95 to 5.05 volts ; Input Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 volts ; Output Power: 3 watts (0.0040 HP) ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 71 C (-13 to 160 F).

NB3N106KMNR2G : 3N SERIES, LOW SKEW CLOCK DRIVER, 6 TRUE OUTPUT(S), 0 INVERTED OUTPUT(S), QCC24. s: Device Type: Clock Driver ; Package Type: Surface Mount, QFN, 4 X 4 MM, 0.50 MM PITCH, LEAD FREE, QFN-24 ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 3.6 volts ; Skew: 100 ps ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; / Standards: RoHS, Lead-Free.

23AT3 : TOGGLE SWITCH, 4PDT, LATCHED, 5A, 30VDC, PANEL MOUNT-THREADED. s: Switch Type: Toggle ; Length / Diameter: 1.31 inch (33.32 mm) ; Panel Thickness: 0.8402 inch (21.34 mm) ; Pole & Throw s: 4PDT ; Current Rating: 5 amps ; AC Voltage Rating: 250 volts ; DC Voltage Rating: 30 volts ; Terminal Type: Solder Terminals.

935013710112 : HC/UH SERIES, ASYN NEGATIVE EDGE TRIGGERED UP DIVIDE BY N COUNTER, PDSO8. s: Counter Type: DIVIDE BY N COUNTER ; Counter Category: Asynchronous ; Counter Direction: UP ; Supply Voltage: 4.5 ; Package Type: SOP, PLASTIC, SOT-96, MS-012AA, SOP-8 ; Logic Family: CMOS, HC/UH ; Number of Pins: 8 ; Clock Frequency: 39 MHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40.

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