Details, datasheet, quote on part number: PAC470/330AQ/T
Descriptionac Terminator Resistor-Capacitors, Package : QSOP-24
CompanyCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation
DatasheetDownload PAC470/330AQ/T datasheet
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PAC470/330TFQ P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter
PAC470/330TQ P/active Emi/rfit Filter
PAC470/470ACQ P/active Termination Network
PAC470/470AQ ac Terminator Resistor-Capacitors, Package : QSOP-24
PAC470/470TFQ P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter
PAC470/470TQ P/active Emi/rfit Filter
PAC470AQR P/active ac Termination Network
PAC470FR4GQ High-performance Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC470FRPIQ24 P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
PAC470GQR P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network
PAC470JR6GQ High-performance 1% Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC470QR P/active Emi/rfi T Filter
PAC470R4GQ High Performance Bus Termination Network
PAC470R6GQ Emi/rtit-filter

PACDN017Q : 18 Channel Esd Protection Array With Zener Supply Clamp

PACGAME-1QR : Midi ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface ) Game Port Filter/ Protection Circuit

PACVGA200Q : Vga Port Companion Circuit

PDN003R : Octal Schottky Diode Network

SUPER1284-02QT : P/active Ieee 1284 Ecp/epp Termination Network

CM1418-02CP : California Micro Devices’ CM1418 is an L-C EMI filter array with ESD protection, which integrates two Pi-filters (C-L-C) for the headset speaker. The CM1418 has component values of 117pF-3.0nH-117pF. The parts include ESD protection diodes on all input/output pins, which provide a very high level of

CM1300-03CP : he CM1300 is a 4-channel low pass EMI filter (R-C-R configuration) in a Chip Scale Package (CSP). Many portable applications require the attenuation of signals in the 800-3000 MHz band. California Micro Devices’ unique thin film technology provides a minimum of –25dB of attenuation over this frequen

CM2010-00MS : VGA Port Protection with Integrated Sync Buffers The CM2010 connects between a video graphics controller, embedded in a PC or in a graphics adapter card, and the VGA port connector. The CM2010 integrates ESD protection for 3 VGA output signals implemented with low-capacitance current steering diode

PACDN042Y3R : Transient Voltage Suppressors / ESD Protectors

CM9311 : Asymmetrical High Efficiency Two Channel Boost Led/oled Driver

CC5003JGL : Isolated Resistor Network

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