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DescriptionP/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
CompanyCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation
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PAC470FRPIQ24R P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
PAC470GQR P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network
PAC470JR6GQ High-performance 1% Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC470QR P/active Emi/rfi T Filter
PAC470R4GQ High Performance Bus Termination Network
PAC470R6GQ Emi/rtit-filter
PAC470R6GQR Emi/rfit-filter
PAC470RGQ P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Ntework
PAC470TFQR P/active Emi/rfitapped Filter
PAC500AQR P/active ac Termination Network
PAC500FR4GQ High-performance Parallel Terminators, Package : QSOP-24
PAC500GQR P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network

CM8880 : DTMF Receiver/Transceiver CMOS Integrated DTMF Transceiver

PACS1284-04Q : P/active Ieee 1284 Ecp/epp Termination Network

PACSZ1284-02Q : IEEE1284 Parallel Port Filters Terminators, Esd, Package : QSOP-28

PRN11016N4700JT : ISOlated Resistor Termination Network

PRN11120XXXXJ : Bussed Resistor Network

PRN146 : Zero Ohmjumper Array

CM3112 : 150mA/1.2V CMOS LDO Regulator with Power Good The CM3112-12 is a low quiescent current (90A) regulator that delivers up to 150mA of load current at a fixed 1.2V output. All the necessary circuitry has been included to deliver a 50Ω power good signal (open drain) which remains for 5ms after th

NCC5003JAL : Bussed Resistor Network

XRN772-2005JBP : Thin Film Resistor Series

XRN772-2005KAGP : Thin Film Resistor Series

XRN740-1005DB : Stable Extended Capability Chip Series

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AD8151 : 3.2 Gb/s, 33x17 Digital Crosspoint Switch. Low Cost 33 17, Fully Differential, Nonblocking Array 3.2 Gb/s per Port NRZ Data Rate Wide Power Supply Range: 3.3 V Low Power 425 mA (Outputs Enabled) 35 mA (Outputs Disabled) LV PECL and LV ECL Compatible CMOS/TTL-Level Control Inputs: 5 V Low Jitter No Heat Sinks Required Drives a Backplane Directly Programmable Output Current Optimize Termination.

API860G : Single Chip High Quality Voice Synthesizer ic. APLUS INTEGRATED CIRCUITS INC. GENERAL : is 63 seconds single chip high quality voice synthesizer IC which contains one 4-bit Input port, three 4-bit I/O ports and a 4 bits CPU controller. By programming through the 4 bits CPU controller, user's application includes section combination, trigger mode, control outputs, keyboard matrix and other logic.

AS2525 : Single-chip Handsfree Phone CMOS Integrated Circuit. Single-Chip Handsfree Phone CMOS Integrated Circuit The is a CMOS mixed-mode integrated circuit for use in feature phones, answering machines and fax machines. It contains an analogue line interface and speech circuit for a/b terminals, loudhearing, handsfree, enhanced LD/MF dialler, tone ringer with dc/dc converter and serial interface to EEPROM and LCD-driver.

BGO747 : BGO747; BGO747/FC0; BGO747/SC0; 750 MHZ Optical Receivers. Excellent linearity Extremely low noise to 750 MHz Excellent flatness (straight line) Standard CATV outline Rugged construction Gold metallization ensures excellent reliability High optical input power range. APPLICATIONS CATV optical node systems operating in the to 750 MHz frequency range. High dynamic range optical receiver amplifier modules in a standard.

CS61318 : E1 Long Haul Line Interface Unit.

DG527AK : Analog CMOS Latchable Multiplexers. T UCT DUC ROD TE PRO 747 TITU OLE 442OBS LE SUBS 1-800- m SIB tion POS Applica p@harri R FO Central centap call r email: o Direct RESET TTL and CMOS Compatible Address and Enable Inputs Maximum Power Supply Rating. 44V Break-Before-Make Switching Alternate Source The DG527, DG528, and DG529 are CMOS Monolithic 16-Channel/Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexers.

LA7172M : Unf Band RF Modulator. The is a monolithic IC for an RF modulator which generates RF TV channel signal in UHF band, from a baseband video and audio signal. Audio FM carrier is controlled by PLL system and generated without L/C tank. 5V operation. Less supply current. Balanced RF VCO. Wide bandwidth. PLL controlled and tankless audio FM (4 sound intercarrier frequency capability).

M67799UHA : RF Power Module For 490-490MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio. PIN: 1 Pin : RF INPUT 2 VGG : GATE BIAS SUPPLY 3 VDD : DRAIN BIAS SUPPLY : RF OUTPUT 5 GND: FIN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25C unless otherwise noted) Symbol VDD VGG Pin PO TC (OP) Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Gate bias voltage Input power Output power Operation case temperature Storage temperature Conditions f=470-490MHz, ZG=ZL=50 Ratings to +110.

MF3129-J9CATXX : 8/16-bit Data Bus Static RAM Card. 1. Mitsubishi's Static RAM cards provide large memory capacities on a device approximately the size of a credit card (85.6mm54mm3.3mm). The cards use a 8/16 bit data-bus. Available 512KB, 1 MB, 2 MB and 4 MB capacities, Mitsubishi's SRAM cards conform to the PC Card Standard. Mitsubishi achieved high density memory, while maintaining credit size by using.

MODEL232FLST : Port Powered Rs-232 Fiber Optic Mdem With Handshake Support. Port Powered RS-232 Fiber Optic Modem With Handshake Support CE The 232FLST allows any two pieces of RS-232 asynchronous serial equipment to communicate full duplex over two multi-mode fibers. Typical distances to 2.5 miles (4 Km) are possible with no external power required. The 232FLST supports both data signals to 115.2 Kbps as well as the RTS/CTS.

MRFIC1817 : 1700-1900 MHZ Mmic Dcs1800/pcs1900 Integrated Power Amplifier GAAS Monolithic Integrated Circuit.

PM7388 : Packet Processors. Frame Engine And Datalink Manager. Single-chip multi-channel packet processor supporting line rate throughput transfers of packet sizes from to 9.6 Kbytes, for to an aggregate 12 DS-3s. Provides simultaneous support of PPP, Frame Relay, Multilink-PPP and Multilink-Frame Relay protocols. Alternative protocols supported via HDLC termination and full packet store of the data within the HDLC.

SCN68681 : SCN68681; Dual Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter (DUART). Product Supersedes data of 1995 May 01 IC19 Data Handbook 1998 Sep 04 The Philips Semiconductors SCN68681 Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (DUART) is a single-chip MOS-LSI communications device that provides two independent full-duplex asynchronous receiver/transmitter channels in a single package. It is compatible with other S68000.

SL05TC : Low Capacitance TVS Diode For High Speed Data Interfaces. Low Capacitance TVS Diode For High Speed Data Interfaces The SL series of TVS arrays are designed to protect sensitive electronics from damage or latch-up due to ESD, lightning, and other voltage-induced transient events. They are available with operating voltages 12V, 15V and 24V. TVS diodes are solid-state devices designed specifically for transient.

SLE66CX322P : Security & Chip Card Ics. 16-Bit Security Controller with Memory Management and Protection Unit 0.22 m CMOS Technology 136-Kbytes ROM, 5052 bytes RAM, 32-Kbytes EEPROM 1100-Bit Advanced Crypto Engine 192-Bit DDES-EC2 Accelerator This document contains preliminary information on a new product under development. Details are subject to change without notice. Revision History:.

VSC7216 : Serial Interconnect. Quad 1.36Gb/s Backplane Interconnect. AT !REFCLK: - 136MHz !Tx/Rx REFCLK Offset: 200 ppm !Serial Input Differential Terminations Adjustable Between 100 and 150 !Fast Lock CRU: <128 DataTransitions !Up to 90 Bit Periods of Inter-channel Deskew !Tolerates 5 Bit Times of Clock Drift Betweens Resynchronizations E AT !Compatible to Industry Standard VSC7216-01 !Redundant Transmit and Receive.

W91214A : Tone/pulse Dialer With Redial Function.

XRT71D00 : Single-chip Jitter Attenuator For High-speed DS3/E3 Wans. The is a single channel, single chip Jitter Attenuator, that meets the Jitter requirements specified in the ETSI TBR-24, Bellcore GR-499 and GR253 standards. In addition, the XRT71D00 also meets the Jitter and Wander s described in the ANSI T1.105.03b 1997, Bellcore GR-253 and GR-499 standards for Desynchronizing and Pointer adjustments in the DS3 to STS-SPE.

PD98404 : . The is an LSI for ATM applications, which can be used in ATM adapter boards for connecting PCs or workstations to an ATM network and can also be used in ATM hubs and ATM switches. This LSI provides the TC sub-layer functions in the SONET/SDH-base physical layer within the ATM protocol defined by the ATM Forum's UNI3.1 recommendations. This product's.

B878 : XDSL SPLITTER FILTER MODULE POTS Central Office Splitter for standard ADSL applications For use with ANSI T1.413 standard This module is part of a standard series with footprint compatibility Patent pending ADSL2+ compatible.

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