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CategoryCommunication => Network
DescriptionP/active Precision Voltage Divider Network For Linear Technology Lt1430/1017
CompanyCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation
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Some Part number from the same manufacture California Micro Devices Corporation
PAC27A88 P/active Octal Relay Driver
PAC27AT Pactive Precision Voltage Divider For Linear Technology LTC 1266/LT1431
PAC330/100TFQ P/active Clock Termination And Filter
PAC330/101TFQ P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter
PAC330/101TQ P/active Emi/rfit Filter
PAC330/150TFQ P/active Clock Termination And Filter
PAC330/221TFQ P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter
PAC330/221TQ P/active Emi/rfit Filter
PAC330/470ACQ P/active Termination Network
PAC330/470AQ ac Terminator Resistor-Capacitors, Package : QSOP-24
PAC330/470TFQ P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter
PAC330/470TQ P/active Emi/rfit Filter
PAC330AQR P/active ac Termination Network
PAC330FRPIQ24 P/active 1% Tolerance Precision ISOlated Series Termination Network
PAC330QR P/active Emi/rfi T Filter

CM3702-05MR : Micropower Low-noise Charge-pump And Linear Regulator.the CM3702 Low-noise Charge Pump LDO Regulator is Designed to Provide Accurate And Clean Power to Asubsystem, E.g an Audio Codec, Led Driver, or Flash Memory. The 5V Output Provides up to 100mA Continuouscurrent For Input

CM88L70CQI : DTMF Integrated Transceiver, Package : QSOP20

CSPESD304 : Pactive 4 Channel Esd Protection Array

CSPPT16-101J : Chip Scale Parallel Termination Array

PAC470/470TFQ/R : P/active Emi/rfi Tapped Filter

PACKBMQ : Pactive Keyboard/mouse Port Interface

PRC1284-06Q : Micropower Rpo Operational Amplifier With Shutdown

PRN111163300JR : Bussed Resistor Network

PACUSB-U3Y6 : USB Downstream Port Terminator with VBUS ESD Protection

XRN772-2005KBGW : Thin Film Resistor Series

XRN740-1005KGL : Stable Extended Capability Chip Series

Same catergory

ADM7008 : Switch Controller.

CP82C52 : CMOS Serial Controller Interface. The Intersil is a high performance programmable Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) and Baud Rate Generator (BRG) on a single chip. Utilizing the Intersil advanced Scaled SAJI IV CMOS process, the 82C52 will support data rates to 1M baud asynchronously with a 16X clock (16MHz clock frequency). The on-chip Baud Rate Generator can be programmed.

DP8391AN : Sni Serial Network Interface. The DP8391A Serial Network Interface (SNI) provides the Manchester data encoding and decoding functions for IEEE 802 3 Ethernet Cheapernet type local area networks The SNI interfaces the DP8390 Network Interface Controller (NIC) to the Ethernet transceiver cable When transmitting the SNI converts non-return-to-zero (NRZ) data from the controller and clock.

ISL5416 : Commlink. Four-channel Wideband Programmable Downconverter. The ISL5416 Four-Channel Wideband Programmable Digital DownConverter (WPDC) is designed for high dynamic range applications such as cellular basestations where the processing of multiple channels is required in a small physical space. The WPDC combines four channels in a single package, each including: an NCO, a digital mixer, digital filters, an AGC and a resampling.

M68732SL : RF Power Module For 330-360MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio. PIN: 1 Pin : RF INPUT 2 VGG : GATE BIAS SUPPLY 3 VDD : DRAIN BIAS SUPPLY : RF OUTPUT 5 GND: FIN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25°C unless otherwise noted) Symbol VDD VGG Pin PO TC (OP) Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Gate bias voltage Input power Output power Operation case temperature Storage temperature Conditions f=330-380MHz, ZG=ZL=50 Ratings to +110.

MAX389C/D : High-voltage, Fault-protected Analog Multiplexers.

MC74HC4046A : Phase-locked-loop With Vco. The MC74HC4046A is similar in function to the MC14046 Metal gate CMOS device. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. The HC4046A phase­locked loop contains three phase comparators, a voltage­controlled oscillator (VCO) and unity gain op­amp DEMOUT. The comparators have.

MH88422-2 : = Optically Coupled Data Access Arrangement ;; Package Type = N/a ;; No. Of Pins =.

S3032 : Sonet/sdh/atm OC-3/12 Transceiver W/cdr. SONET/SDH/ATM OC-3/OC-12 TRANSCEIVER BiCMOS LVPECL OC-12 CLOCK GENERATOR SONET/SDH/ATM OC-3/OC-12 TRANSCEIVER TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER GENERAL Complies with Bellcore and ITU-T s On-chip high-frequency PLL for clock generation Supports 155.52 Mbps (OC-3) and 622.08 Mbps (OC-12) Selectable reference frequencies or 77.76 MHz Interface to both LVPECL and TTL logic.

SCC2698B : SCC2698B; Enhanced Octal Universal Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter (Octal UART).

SNC582 : Two Channel Direct Drive Speech Controller.

SP5510G : Frequency Synthesizers (50MHz to 3GHz). SP5510 - Bi-directional I2C Bus Controlled Synthesizer.

ST70134 : Line Card. Ascot (TM) Integrated Adsl CMOS Analog Front-end Circuit. ASCOTTM INTEGRATED ADSL CMOS ANALOG FRONT-END CIRCUIT s 8.8MS/s ADC s 8.8MS/s DAC s THD: -60dB @FULL SCALE s 4-BIT DIGITAL INTERFACE TO/FROM THE DMT MODEM TQFP64 ORDERING NUMBER: ST70134A (TQFP64) The ST70134 analog front end handles 2 transmission channels on a balanced 2 wire interconnection; to 640Kbit/s upstream transmit channel and to 8.192Mbit/s.

TD7103F : Ecl Prescaler For Digital Synthesized Tuner.

TPS2211DB : Single-slot PC Card Power Interface Switch For Parallel Pcmcia Controllers.

FIN12A : SerDes Low Voltage 12-Bit Bi-Directional Serializer/Deserializer with Multiple Frequency Ranges The FIN12A is a 12-bit serializer capable of running a parallel frequency range between 5MHz and 56MHz. The frequency range is selected by the S1 and S2 control signals. The bi-directional data flow is controlled through use of a direction (DIRI) control.

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