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CategoryCommunication => Fiber Optics
DescriptionFour-channel Rs-422 Optical ISOlator
CompanyB&B Electronics
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Model 422OP4 The Model 422OP4 optically isolates four RS-422 lines. The isolator is provided with a DB25 male connector on one side, and a DB25 female on the other side. Signals pass through the isolator as follows:

This isolator can be used at data rates to 38.4k baud. Each side of the isolator requires a 12VDC power supply at about 95 ma. Two Model 422PS power supplies can be used for this purpose. Remote power can be brought into each side of the isolator on pins 12 (GND) and 11 (+12VDC). When remote power supplies are used, their grounds must be isolated to maintain the isolation of the RS-422 signals.

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