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This to RS-422 converter converts unbalanced RS-232 signals to balanced RS-422 signals. The power used for this converter is derived from the transmit data line (pin 2) and the handshake control lines (pins and 20). The converter can derive power from these lines when they are in the positive or negative voltage state. This permits the converter to be used in applications without any regard to software control of the handshake lines. If no handshake lines are available and all power must be derived from the transmit data line, the converter can drive limited cable lengths. A guide for this condition would be to drive only several hundred feet of transmission line and not to terminate the transmission line with a resistor of less than 1000 ohms. When more handshake lines are available, longer lengths of cable can be driven. This converter has been tested at 115.2k baud with 4000 feet of cable. For applications where handshake lines are not available and long cable runs are involved, an external power supply can be connected to the terminal blocks on the RS-422 side of the converter marked "+12V" and "GND". NOTE: When using an external supply, the supply should be connected only to specifically labeled power inputs (power jack, terminal block, etc.). Connecting an external power supply to the handshake lines may damage the unit. Contact technical support for more information on connecting an external power supply to the handshake lines. The RS-232 port uses a female DB25 type of connector with pins 2 (TD input) and 3 (RD output) supported. Signal Ground (pin 7) is connected through to the RS-422 side on the terminal block marked "GND". Interconnection of the converter with another RS-422 device: 2. 3. The polarity of the two RS-422 lines must be correct. With no data being sent, the RS-232 line should be negative and the RS422 "A" terminal should be negative with respect to the "B" terminal. The wire recommended in the RS-422 Standard is number 24 AWG copper conductor, twisted-pair telephone cable with a shunt capacitance 16 pF per foot. For long runs and/or high data rates it is recommended that the wires be terminated with a resistor at the receive end. The twisted pair usually used has an impedance of about 100 ohms, therefore a 100 ohm resistor is normally used for the termination. The RS-422 side of the converter requires more power as the transmission line is increased and as the termination resistor value is reduced, therefore it may be necessary to use a termination resistor that is larger than 100 ohms. The RS-422 driver has the ability to drive 10 RS-422 receivers connected in parallel. A system of multiple receivers may require some experimentation with location and size of termination resistors, line lengths, grounding, etc.

Manufacturer's Name: Manufacturer's Address: B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company P.O. Box 1040 707 Dayton Road Ottawa, IL 61350 USA RS-422 2-Channel Port-Powered Converter Light industrial ITE equipment EN 50082-1 (IEC 801-2, IEC 801-3, IEC EN 50081-1 (EN 55022, IEC 1000-4-2) EN ENV EN 55024

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SN65MLVD204D : ti SN65MLVD204, Half-duplex M-lvds Transceiver. and Receivers for Signaling Rates to 100 Mbps Power Dissipation at 100 Mbps ­ Driver: 50 mW Typical ­ Receiver: 30 mW Typical Meets or Exceeds Current Revision of M-LVDS Standard TIA/EIA­899 for Multipoint Data Interchange Controlled Driver Output Voltage Transition Times for Improved Signal Quality to 3.4-V Common-Mode Voltage Range Allows Data Transfer.

SN75C198 : Quadruple Low-power Line Driver: 4 Drivers. Meets ANSI EIA / TIA-232-E and ITU Recommendation V.28 Very Low Supply Current Sleep Mode: 3-State Outputs in High-Impedance State Ultra-Low Supply Current. 17 µA Typ Improved Functional Replacement for: SN75188, Motorola MC1488, National Semiconductor DS14C88, and DS1488 CMOS- and TTL -Compatible Data Inputs On-Chip Slew-Rate Limit. 30 V/µs Output.

SP481E : no of Tx/rx = 1Tx/1Rx ;; Duplex = Half ;; VCC (V) = 5 ;; Typ. Icc Current (mA) = 0.9 ;; Data Rate (kbps) = 10,000 ;; Typ. Shut Down Icc (µA) = 1 ;; No. Of Rx/tx on Bus = 32 ;; RX Failsafe With Inputs Open = • ;; = › Low Power Shutdown › Output Driver Short Circuit Protection ;; Op. Range (°C) = -40 to 85 0 to 70 ;; Package.

UC5609 : 18-line Low Capacitance Scsi Active Terminator. Reverse Disconnect Complies with SCSI, SCSI-2 and SPI-2 Standards 6pF Channel Capacitance during Disconnect 100µA Supply Current in Disconnect Mode Meets SCSI Hot Plugging Capability -650mA Sourcing Current for Termination +200mA Sinking Current for Active Negation Provides Active Termination for 18 Lines Logic Command Disconnects all Termination Lines.

HPFC-66xx : HPFC-6600/6640 Tachyon QE4 PMC-2060420, Issue 2 © Copyright PMC-Sierra, Inc. 2006 All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential to PMC-Sierra, Inc. and for its customers’ internal use. High Performance Fibre Channel Controller PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Tachyon QE4 device (HPFC-66xx Series) is a high-performance 4- port 4 Gbit/s Fibre Channel controller.

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