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DescriptionABA-51563 3.5 GHZ Broadband Silicon Rfic Amplifier
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Features Operating frequency: ~ 3.5 GHz 21.5 dB gain VSWR < 2.0 throughout operating frequency 1.8 dBm output P1dB Description Agilent's is an economical, easy-to-use, internally 50-ohm matched silicon monolithic broadband amplifier that offers excellent gain and flat broadband response from to 3.5 GHz. Packaged in an ultraminiature industry-standard SOT-363 package, it requires half the board space a SOT-143 package. At 2 GHz, the ABA-51563 offers a small-signal gain of 21.5 dB, output of 1.8 dBm and 11.4 dBm output third order intercept point. It is suitable for use as buffer amplifiers for wideband applications. They are designed for low cost gain blocks in cellular applications, DBS tuners, LNB and other wireless communications systems. ABA-51563 is fabricated using Agilent's HP25 silicon bipolar process, which employs a doublediffused single polysilicon process with self-aligned submicron emitter geometry. The process is capable of simultaneous high fT and high NPN breakdown (25 GHz at 6V BVCEO). The process utilizes industry standard device oxide isolation technologies and submicron aluminum multilayer interconnect to achieve superior performance, high uniformity, and proven reliability. Surface Mount Package 3.7 dB noise figure Unconditionally stable Single 5V supply (Id = 18 mA) Applications Amplifier for cellular, cordless, special mobile radio, PCS, ISM, wireless LAN, DBS, TVRO, and TV tuner applications

Note: Top View. Package marking provides orientation and identification. "x" is character to identify date code.

Device Voltage, RF output to ground CW RF Input Power (Vcc = 5V) Total Power Dissipation [3] Junction Temperature Storage Temperature

Notes: 1. Operation of this device in excess of any of these limits may cause permanent damage. 2. Thermal resistance measured using 150C Liquid Crystal Measurement Technique. 3. Board (package belly) temperature, Tb, is 25C. Derate 9.6 mW/C for > 120.8C.

50 , Pin = -30 dBm, Vcc = 5V, Freq = 2 GHz, unless stated otherwise.

Power Gain (|S21|2 ) Power Gain Flatness, Noise Figure Output Power at 1dB Gain Compression Output Third Order Intercept Point Input VSWR Output VSWR Device Current Group Delay f GHz f GHz

Notes: 1. Measurements taken on 50 test board shown on Figure 1. Excess circuit losses had been de-embedded from actual measurements. Standard deviation and typical data based on at least 500 parts sample size from 6 wafer lots. Future wafers allocated to this product may have nominal values anywhere within the upper and lower spec limits.

Figure 6. Output Power for 1 dB Gain Compression vs. Frequency and Voltage.
Figure 7. Output Power for 1 dB Gain Compression vs. Frequency and Temperature.


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