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TitleCrystal Oscillators
Description13.2 X 4.7 X 4.3 MM Molded Plastic 3.5MHz to 70MHz
CompanyAbracon Corporation
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Features, Applications

Wide frequency range. Economical surface mount design.
Excellent heat resistance. Suitable for solder reflow.

OS NS Frequency Range 3.57MHz 70MHz Frequency Range MHz - MHz Frequency Range 3.5 MHz - 25 MHz Frequency Range 3.5 MHz 25 MHz C T IO(Fundamental) NS Operation Mode TA DS I-A C A Operation Mode Fundamental, ATT

Operation Mode Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Frequency Tolerance @ 25C Frequency Tolerance @ 25C Storage Temperature Frequency Stability over Temp. Frequency over Temp. @ 25C FrequencyStability Tolerance Equivalent Series Resistance Equivalent Series Resistance Frequency Stability over Temp. (ESR) Maximum (ESR) Maximum Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Fundamental Shunt Capacitance C0 Shunt Capacitance C0 Load Capacitance CL Load Capacitance CL Drive Level Drive Level Aging 25 C First Year Aging 25 C First Year Overtone Insulation3rd Resistance Insulation Resistance Shunt Capacitance C0 Load Capacitance CL Drive Level Aging @ 25C per Year Insulation Resistance

Fundamental, AT (Fund. BT or AT) 60 C (See Options) 60 C (See Options) 70MHz (3rd overtone) to +60C (See Options) 50 ppm max. (See Options) 50 ppm max. Options) 40 to (See 50 ppm max. (See Options) 50 ppm max. (See 50ppm max. (SeeOptions) Options) 200 W for 3.5 MHz < 4.0 MHz 200 W for 3.5 MHz < 4.0 MHz 100ppm max. (See Options) 150 W for 4.0 MHz < 6.0 MHz 150 W for 4.0 MHz F 6.0 MHz 200100 W max. 4.0MHz W for MHz F 10.0 MHz 100 W for 6.0 MHz < 10.0 MHz 15080 W max. for 5.0MHz W for 10 4.0MHz MHz <F 14.0 MHz 80 W for 10 MHz < 14.0 MHz 12050 W max. for 6.0MHz W for 14 5.0MHz MHz F < MHz 50 W for 14 MHz < 25 MHz 1007 WpF max. for < 7.0MHz max. 7 pF max. 16 Wp max. forOption) 9.0MHz F (See p F (See Option) 100 W max. for 13.0MHz W max. 100 W max. 45.0MHz pp mfor max. pp m max. 100500 W max. M W for min. at 100 Vdc M W min. at 100 Vdc 15V 7pF max. 18pF (See Options) 100W max. 5ppm max. 500MW min. 100Vdc 15V

Environmental, and mechanical specifications, see appendix C. Group 2. Marking, see appendix G. Recommended handling, see appendix F. Tape and Reel, see appendix H.(1,000 pcs / reel) Reflow profile, see appendix E. Application notes, see appendix A.

ABSM - Frequency CL - ESR - Temperature - Tolerance - Stability - Mode - Packaging XX.XXXX MHz Load cap. or -S for Series RXXX (value W) -E for 70C -B for 70C -C for 70C -N for 85C -D for 85C -Z for 50ppm -3 for 25ppm -4 for 30ppm -T (Tape & Reel)

NOTE: Left blank if standard All specifications and markings subject to change without notice

29 Journey Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 USA (949) 448-8484 E-MAIL: abinfo@ INTERNET ADDRESS:


Some Part number from the same manufacture Abracon Corporation
ABSM3Series 13.0 X 4.3 X 6.2 MM HC49US, Resistance Welded 3.57MHz to 60MHz
ABSM5 13.0 X 5.0 X 5.1 MM HC49US, Resistance Welded 3.57MHz to 60MHz
ACF21UACF45USeries 11.05 X 4.65 X 13.5 MM 10.7MHz
ACH Hcmos/ttl Compatible Half-size Dip Crystal Clock Oscillators
ACO Hcmos/ttl Compatible Full-size Dip Crystal Clock Oscillators
ACOL1ACHL1 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full,half-size Dip, 2.5Vdc, Hcmos 1MHz to 85MHz
ACOLACHL 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full,half-size Dip, 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc 32.768kHz to 200MHz
ACOPACHPSeries 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full,half-size Dip, 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc Programmable 1MHz to 125MHz
ACOS 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full-size Dip, 5Vdc, Sine Output 8MHz to 40MHz
ACOW Hcmos/ttl Compatible Full-size Dip Crystal Clock Oscillators
ACT TTL Output Full-size And Half-size Dip Crystal Clock Oscillators
ACTAHT 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full,half-size Dip, 5Vdc, TTL 500kHz to 70MHz
ACTX1018 Ttl/cmos And Sine Wave Crystal Oscillators Temperature-compensated Xtal Oscillators
ACVX1220 Ttl/cmos Full-size Dip 5 VDC or 3.3 VDC Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillators
ACVX1220ACVX1220L 20.2 X 12.6 X 8.0 MM Full-size Dip, 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc, CMOS/ttl 1MHz to 160MHz
ACVX1220L Ttl/cmos Full-size Dip 5 VDC or 3.3 VDC Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillators
ACVX1222ACVX1222L 20.2 X 12.6 X 5.08 MM Full-size Dip, 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc, CMOS/ttl 1MHz to 200MHz
ACVX1222L Ttl/cmos Full-size Dip 5 VDC or 3.3 VDC Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillators
ACVX1224 20.2 X 12.6 X 7.2 MM Full-size Dip, 5Vdc, CMOS/ttl 65MHz to 300MHz

ASPI-0403S-822M : Surface-mount Power Inductors

ABM8G-24.000MHZ-18-D2Y-T : Crystals 24.000MHz 18pF 30ppm -40C +85C The Abracon ABM8G Ultra Mini Glass Sealed Crystal is SMD, low in height (3.2 x 2.5 x 1.0mm), IR reflow capable, and is a low cost version of the ABM8 crystal . With a frequency range from 12.000MHz to 50.000MHz, the ABM8G is available with tight tolerance and stability. The glass sealed pack

ABLS-LR-7.3728MHZ-T : Crystals 7.3728MHz 0C +70C 50ppm 15 Ohms ESR ABRACON ´s ABLS-LR Series Ultra-low ESR (as low as 20 ohms for 4 MHz) Low Profile Crystal (11.4 x 4.7 x 4.2 mm) is also low frequency (3.0 to 36 MHz). The ABLS - LR series also features a low negative resistance (-R) IC design to ensure a high oscillation margin, tight stability (automotiv

AIAP-01-472-K-T : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 4.7mH 74mA Axial -; INDUCTOR 4700UH 10% 74MA Specifications: Inductance: 4.7mH ; Tolerance: 10% ; Package / Case: Axial ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: - ; Current: 74mA ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Q @ Freq: - ; Frequency - Self Resonant: 450kHz ; DC Resistance (DCR): 37 Ohm Max ; Shielding: Unshielded ; Applications: Power Supp

AIMC-0603-R18J-T : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 180nH 300mA 0603 (1608 Metric) Ceramic; INDUCTOR MULTILAYER 180NH 0603 Specifications: Inductance: 180nH ; Tolerance: 5% ; Package / Case: 0603 (1608 Metric) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: Ceramic ; Current: 300mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Q @ Freq: 8 @ 50MHz ; Frequency - Self Resonant: 400MHz ; DC Resistance (DCR): 1.8 Ohm Max ; Shielding: Unshield

AISR-875-271L : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 270H 700mA Radial -; INDUCTOR POWER 270UH 15% T/H Specifications: Inductance: 270H ; Tolerance: 15% ; Package / Case: Radial ; Packaging: Bulk ; Type: - ; Current: 700mA ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Q @ Freq: - ; Frequency - Self Resonant: - ; DC Resistance (DCR): 1 Ohm Max ; Shielding: Shielded ; Applications: General Purpose ; Lead Free Stat

ASFLMB-11.0592MHZ-LC-T : 11.0592MHz Oscillator Crystal And Oscillator MEMS (Silicon); OSC MEMS 11.0592 MHZ SMD Specifications: Frequency: 11.0592MHz ; Package / Case: 4-SMD, No Lead (DFN, LCC) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: MEMS (Silicon) ; Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 85C ; Frequency Stability: 50ppm ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

ABFM1-280.000MHZ-P1-T : IC,CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR,1-CHANNEL,30MHZ-280MHZ,LLCC,4PIN,CERAMIC Specifications: Device Type: Clock Generator

ABFM-212.500MHZ-E-C : IC,CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR,1-CHANNEL,30MHZ-280MHZ,LLCC,4PIN,CERAMIC Specifications: Device Type: Clock Generator

ABM81-40.000MHZ-10-J2 : QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 40 MHz Specifications: Package / Form Factor: Surface Mount, ROHS COMPLIANT, HERMETIC SEALED, ULTRA MINIATURE, CERAMIC, SMD, 4 PIN ; Features / Standards: RoHS, Lead-Free ; Frequency: 40 MHz ; Load Capacitance: 10 pF ; Drive Level: 0.0100 milliwatts ; ESR: 35 ohms ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 105 C (-40

Same catergory

A473-06 : Low Voltage 1 Tap Leading Edge Control, CMOS Active. 1 TAP LEADING EDGE CONTROL LOW VOLTAGE DELAY MODULES SMD Thru-Hole Time Delay 5 ns Tolerance ns Rise Time 3 ns Ein Trin PW PP Iccl Vcc Pulse Voltage Rise Time Pulse Width Pulse Period Supply Current Supply Voltage 3.0 Volts 1.2 x Total Delay 4 x Pulse Width 25 ma Typical 5.0 Volts Vcc Vih Vil Iik Ioh Iol Voh Vol Vik Iih Iil Icch Iccl d Tc Supply Voltage.

CDC340 : General Purpose/. 1-to-8 Clock Driver With Tight TPD And Skew. Low Output Skew, Low Pulse Skew for Clock-Distribution and Clock-Generation Applications TTL-Compatible Inputs and Outputs Distributes One Clock Input to Eight Outputs Distributed VCC and Ground Pins Reduce Switching Noise High-Drive Outputs 48-mA IOH, 48-mA IOL) State-of-the-Art EPIC-B TM BiCMOS Design Significantly Reduces Power Dissipation Package.

CXO3M : Surface Mount Oscillator. CMOS/ttl Compatible 3.0V or 3.3V Operation Enable/tri-state Output (optional) Smallest Footprint;; Package = 4-pad Ceramic SMD.

CY7B9911V : High-speed Low-voltage Programmable Skew Clock Buffer. High-Speed Low-Voltage Programmable Skew Clock Buffer (LV-PSCB) All output pair skew <100 ps typical (250 max.) to 110-MHz output operation User-selectable output functions Selectable skew 18 ns Inverted and non-inverted Operation at 1/2 and 1/4 input frequency Operation at 2x and 4x input frequency (input as low as 3.75 MHz) Zero input-to-output.

DP8573A : DS0026 - 5 MHZ Two Phase MOS Clock Driver Life-time Buy , Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb=8.

DS1248 : 1024K NV SRAM With Phantom Clock. Real-time clock (RTC) keeps track of hundredths of seconds, minutes, hours, days, date of the month, months, and years 8 NV SRAM directly replaces volatile static RAM or EEPROM Embedded lithium energy cell maintains calendar operation and retains RAM data Watch function is transparent to RAM operation Month and year determine the number of days in each.

EL6201C : Low Power 450 MHZ HFM Oscillator W/disable. Small SOT-23 and MSOP-8 packages Frequency to 430 MHz min. Amplitude to 25mAp-p min. Output tristate function (MSOP-8) Power-down function (MSOP-8) Single to +5.0V supply Simple to use - only two external resistors required Independent resistor setting for frequency and amplitude. The is a solid state high performance laser modulation oscillator with.

HD151TS301RP : Clock Generator for Printers and General SSC. Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips.

ICS87951AYI : Zero Delay Fanout. Lowskew 1-to-9 Clock Generator. Pin Compatible With MPC951. Industrialtemperature..

MC100LVE111FNR2 : 3.3V Ecl 1:9 Differential Clock Driver, Package: Plcc, Pins=28. The is a low skew 1-to-9 differential driver, designed with clock distribution in mind. The MC100LVE111's function and performance are similar to the popular MC100E111, with the added feature of low voltage operation. It accepts one signal input, which can be either differential or single-ended if the VBB output is used. The signal is fanned out to 9 identical.

NJU6323A : Quartz Crystal Oscillator. Quartz Crystal Oscillator.

SD-A2920 : XO PECL Oscillators. Surface Mount 6 Pad 5x7mm Frequency Range (Mhz) : 75.0 - 250.0 Output/input : Fast Edge Differential, 3.3V.

TFH36A : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Routers, LMDS ;; Center Frequency = 36.125 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 8.0 MHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple = 0.55dB ;; Insertion Loss = 27.5dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 70ns ;; Package = 24 MM X 9 MM LCC.

V674ME26 : Package Style = MINI-14H-L ;; Frequency (MHz) = 2000 to 2500 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -96 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 1.00 to 10.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 107 ;; Power (dBm) = 4.50 ± 3.50 ;; Op.temp ( C) = 0 to 70 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 10.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 13.

VCO191-810U : High Performance Signal Source. Model: VCO191-810U Rev: B Date: 4/21/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: C) Parameter Frequency Range Tuning Voltage: 797 MHz 823 MHz Tuning Sensitivity Output Power Output Phase Noise: 10 kHz 100 kHz Power Supply Current Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Spurious (Non-Harmonic) Frequency Pushing 2.85-3.15 V Frequency.

TFF11115HN : Low Phase Noise LO Generator For VSAT Applications The TFF11115HN is a Ku band frequency generator intended for low phase noise Local Oscillator (LO) circuits for Ku band VSAT transmitters and transceivers. The specified phase noise complies with IESS-308 from Intelsat..

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