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DescriptionSensor Modular System
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PDOCL010 Operator Terminal
PDOCM000 Converter Rs232/rs485
PDTA114ET/T1 Transistor Digital Sot-233
PDTA144EK/T1 Transistor Digital Sot-346
PDTC114ET/T1 Transistor Digital Sot-233
PDTC124ES/RA Transistor Digital Sot-54
PDTC143ET/T1 Transistor Digital Sot-233
PEEL18CV8J15 Ic-sm-cmos Eepld
PEEL18CV8P15 Ic-sm-cmos Eepld
PET0505 Ferrule Insul 0.5mm 0
PETITE101 Sensor Passive Infra-red
PFC375-1024F Psu 375w 2 O/p 24v
PFC375-4000F Psu 350 Watt 4 O/p
PFC500-1024F Psu 500w 1 O/p
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C7246 : . The C7246 series a DA type socket assembly designed for 28mm (1-1/8 inch) diameter side-on and head-on photomultiplier tubes. The C7246 series socket assembly incorporates a voltage-divider circuit and a current-to-voltage conversion circuit, along with an amplifier that has a narrow but practical bandwidth (DC 20kHz) to improve the effective S/N ratio.

HV7121B : 3.3 V , 15 Mhz, CMOS Image Sensor With 8-bit ADC. is a highly integrated single chip CMOS color image sensor using Hynix 0.5um CMOS process developed for image application to realize high efficiency R/G/B photo sensor. The sensor has 414X314 pixels total, and 400X300 pixels effective. Each pixel is high photo sensitive, small size active pixel element that converts photons to analog voltage signal.

ICX252AKF : Diagonal 8.933mm(Type 1/1.8) Frame Readout Ccdimage Sensor With Square Pixel For Color Cameras.

IS1650 : Opic Light Detector For DVD Player (x4 to x6 Speed).

LZ2323H5 : Color Image Sensor. 1/3-type CCD Area Sensors With 320 K Pixels. The LZ2323H5/LZ2324HJ are 1/3-type (6.0 mm) solid-state image sensors that consist of PN photodiodes and CCDs (charge-coupled devices). With approximately 320 000 pixels (542 horizontal x 582 vertical), the sensor provides a stable high-resolution color (LZ2323H5)/B/W (LZ2324HJ) image. Number of effective pixels : 512 (H) x 582 (V) Number of optical.

PT601T : Chip Type Phototransistor..

TCD1502C : B/W Image Sensor. CCD Linear Image Sensor CCD (charge Coupled Device).

TLE4941-Append : For Wheel Speed Sensing. Appendix B release 1.0 Occurrence of initial calibration delay time td,input If there is no input signal (standstill), a new initial calibration is triggered each 0.7s. This calibration has a duration td,input of max. 300Ás. No input signal change is detected during that initial calibration time. In normal operation (signal startup) the probability.

AH289-P : Smart Fan Driver. HIGH VOLTAGE HALL-EFFECT SMART FAN MOTOR CONTROLLER On Chip Hall Sensor Rotor-Locked Shutdown Automatically Restart Rotor-State Detection (RD) Output Built-in Zener Protection for Output Driver Operating Voltage: 3.8V~28V Output Current: IO (AVE) = 400mA Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant for Lead Free products (Note 1) Lead Free Packages: SIP-5L and SOT89-5L.

MMA7341LCT : ▒3g, ▒11g Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer The MMA7341LC is a low power, low profile capacitive micromachined accelerometer featuring signal conditioning, a 1-pole low pass filter, temperature compensation, self test, and g-Select which allows for the selection between 2 sensitivities. Zero-g offset and sensitivity are factory set and require.

AS5410 : Absolute Linear 3D Hall Encoder IC The AS5410 allows absolute position sensing of a simple two-pole magnet immediately after starting up the device without the need for a prior reference run within the application. Position sensing is possible over large mechanical travel distances even with very small magnets: a travel distance of 40mm does not pose.

HIH-5031-001 : Board Mount Humidity Sensors 2.7 Vdc SMD HUMIDITY SENSOR. The Honeywell HIH-5030 , 5031 Series Low Voltage Humidity Sensor s operate down to 2.7V, often ideal in battery-powered systems where the supply is a nominal 3V. The HIH-5030 , 5031 Sensor s feature covered integrated circuits and are designed for high volume OEM users. The HIH-5031 is condensation-resistant.

SS49E : Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors 10mA 3.3V/5V 3-Pin. » » » Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors A position sensor is any device that permits position measurement. It can either be an absolute position sensor or a relative one. Position sensors can be either linear or angular. Positioning Sensors are finding.

IQS231-00000000-TSR : Capacitive Touch Sensors Cap/Prox Controller for SAR Applications. s: Manufacturer: Azoteq ; Product Category: Capacitive Touch Sensors ; Sensor Type: Capacitive Proximity Sensor ; Number of Channels: 1 Channel ; Interface Type: I2C ; Package / Case: TSOT-23-6 ; Dimensions: 3 mm L x 1.7 mm W x 1 mm H ; Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 85 C ; Brand: Azoteq.

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