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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors
DescriptionTransistor Digital Sot23
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Features, Applications

NPN Silicon Digital Transistor Switching circuit, inverter, interface circuit, drive circuit Built in bias resistor (R1=2.2k, R2=2.2k)

Maximum Ratings Parameter Collector-emitter voltage Collector-base voltage Emitter-base voltage Input on Voltage DC collector current Total power dissipation, 79 C Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol Values mW C Unit V

VCEO VCBO VEBO Vi(on) IC Ptot Tj Tstg

Electrical Characteristics at TA=25C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol min. DC Characteristics Collector-emitter breakdown voltage Values typ. max. Unit

Input resistor Resistor ratio AC Characteristics Transition frequency
DC Current Gain hFE = f (IC) VCE = 5V (common emitter configuration)
Input on Voltage Vi(on) = f(IC) VCE = 0.3V (common emitter configuration)
Input off voltage Vi(off) = f(IC) VCE = 5V (common emitter configuration)


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