IC and discrete list, page 20-63

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From TBF16-10PSX to TBF22-1PS

From Q8008N5TP to CTA06-1200CW

From TBF16S-1PS to S2432-O-T

From TBF20-4PSB to TBF24-10PSB

From TBF24-10PSB05 to ASVTX-12-A-16.368MHZ-I15-T

From ASVTX-12-A-16.369MHZ-H10-T to 3042832

From TCBS-10-01 to 7Q-26.000MCG-T

From 7Q-27.000MCG-T to 3042890

From L0109DTRP4 to CWT-H12-STDED-TX


From CWT-68K-CC to L0109DTRP

From 3031490 to 1060043081

From L2004F51TP to L2004V8

From 37801 to L2X5RP

From TFN0.50NT100 to E5CN-C2MTD-W-500 AC/DC24

From E5CN-C2TDU AC/DC24 to E5CN-Q2LU AC100-240

From 1.30259.0510707 to E5CN-R2LU AC100-240

From 555890-2 to AML52-C10K

From AML52-C10R to E5AN-R3HMT-500 AC/DC24

From 1-1546561-4 to MTFDDAA128MAM-1J1

From MTFDDAA128MAM-1J12 to FFD-25-IDEP-10240-B

From E5AN-HSS2HBMD-500 AC/DC24 to E5EN-HAA2HBM-W-500 AC100-240

From FFD-25-IDEP-36864-N-D to FFD-25-IDEP-6144-X-B

From E5CK-RR1 to E5EN-R3HMT-W-500-N AC100-240


From SDSXC-104G-000000 to MTFDDAC256MAM-1K12

From C1433ALMAM to E5GN-QP AC100-240

From FFD-25-SATA-56-C to MTFDDAK512MAM-1K1

From L601E6 to FFD-25-UATA-1024-A

From FFD-25-UATA-1024-N-A to SDANA-016G-000000

From E52-CA35C-8.0 to BST-303

From FFD-25-UATA-40960-X-C to E52-IC1D M6 2M

From SDANB-056G-000000 to HEL-777-A-T-0

From FFD-25-UATA-98304-F to SDAXA-008G-000000

From L6006D5RP to L6006D6RP

From SD6CA-104G-000000 to FFD35-U3S-136-X-P50

From FFD35-U3S-136-X-P68 to CTA12-1200BPT

From 7602-602NLF to SD8CB-152G-000000

From L6008D6RP to L6008L8TP

From SD6NA-016G-000000 to FFD35-U3S-24-N-P68

From FFD35-U3S-24-N-P80 to CTA08-1200B

From CTA08-1200BPT to FFD35-U3S-2-P80

From 330005 to 430000-10-0

From 3223J-1-100E to SD6CA-032G-000000

From 430105-10-0 to ADNS-3120-001

From SRT2-AD04 to SD6NA-048G-000000

From SD6NA-056G-000000 to FFD35-U3S-88-N-P68

From FFD35-U3S-88-N-P80 to 3269P-1-100G

From 430303-10-0 to AQB1A2-T3/6VDC

From 430600-10-0 to SD6NA-008G-000000

From SD6NA-096G-000000 to 8576360000

From 431302-10-0 to 431513-10-0

From PVG3G100C01R00 to 432201-10-0

From MCBC1225DL to 432612-10-0

From MCBC2425CF to MCBC4825DF

From MCBC4825DL to 1309X100

From AQB2A1-T7/14VDC to 433313-10-0

From MCBC1250CF to MCBC4850DF

From MAT-10 to 3362F-1-100LF

From 3362H-1-100 to 3386F-1-100TLF

From 325048-10-0 to 325143-10-0

From 3386W-1-100LF to 325238-10-0

From CT6ETH100 to 325330-10-0

From FT63ETV100 to MCBC4890CF

From CBP-10 to PV36X100A01B00

From 430212-11-0 to 430501-11-0

From 84140113 to 431012-11-0

From 431013-11-0 to GN325ALZ

From 431313-11-0 to 1211PB100

From 431611-11-0 to GNR20ACZ

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