IC and discrete list, page 15-40

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From CK45-B3AD221KYNN to T322D476K006AT

From CK45-E3DD222ZYNN to DEA1X3F150JCDB

From T491X336K025AT to CC45SL3FD271JYNN

From CC45SL3JD220JYNN to CK45-R3AD332K-NR

From CK45-R3DD221K-NR to T520D477M006ATE025

From DEA1X3D221JA2B to 102-325 CAL DU

From 103-218 CAL to 1692 CAL DU

From 1711A CAL to 25-431J CAL DU

From 25-631J CAL D to 34905A CAL

From CC45SL3FD331JYNN to 3945 BW/193-24 CAL DU

From 3945 W/193-36 CAL to 500-506-10 CALIBRATED

From 505-675 CAL D to 66101A/760 CAL

From 66101A/760 CAL D to 85RF CAL D

From 85RF CAL DU to AWG420:1R CAL

From AWG420:1R CAL DU to DPO2012 CAL D

From DPO2012 CAL DU to T495C335K025ATE750

From CK45-B3FD391KYNN to C320C682K5R5TA


From T491B336K006AT to 33-864

From CK45-B3AD562KYNN to 655510F

From DEA1X3A561JA3B to T356B335K025AT

From CK45-B3AD821KYNN to CK45-R3FD821K-NR

From C315C271F1G5CA to GRM2166P1H150JZ01D

From T322E685K050AT to GRM2196P1H301JZ01D

From GRM2196P1H331JZ01D to GRM2196P2A220JZ01D

From GRM2196P2A221JZ01D to GRM2196P2A3R4CD01D


From MW333 to PHE426KJ5470JR05

From GRM2196P2A8R3DZ01D to GRM3166P1H330JZ01D

From GRM3166P1H331JZ01D to GRM3196P2A181JZ01D

From T322C155K050AT to T356G106K035AT7301

From 80406LTS to GRM2196R2A121JZ01D

From GRM2196R2A130JZ01D to GRM2196R2A240JZ01D

From PE830 to GRM2196R2A330JZ01D

From GRM2196R2A331JZ01D to 1620A-S-156

From 1621A-S-156 to GRM2196R2A820JZ01D

From 1363-2 to EL-USB-1

From GRM2196R2AR90CD01D to GRM3166R1H560JZ01D

From GRM3166R1H680JZ01D to U2353A

From U2354A to GRM3196R2A820JZ01D

From GRM3196R2A821JZ01D to GRM2166S1H750JZ01D

From GRM2166S1H820JZ01D to GRM2196S2A1R8CD01D

From 4189 to GRM2196S2A3R3CD01D

From 750 to GRM2196S2A5R6DD01D

From GRM2196S2A5R7DD01D to IFPX-D5

From IFPX-W to 3548

From GRM3166S1H221JZ01D to MP20MA

From GRM3196S1H911JZ01D to GRM3196S2A511JZ01D

From 8520 to GRM2191X2A120JZ01D

From 24438 to 930169

From 5126 to 8432

From GRM3161X1H220JZ01D to GRM3191X2A182JZ01D

From 09 47 900 0001 to 52801RJ9

From 1442 to 3251

From 3274 to GRM2166T1H201JD15D

From 4830 to 12267 (229-2)

From GRM2166T1H9R0DD01D to 2016

From GRM2196T2A2R5CD01D to 3006

From GRM2196T2A5R3DD01D to GRM2196T2A8R7DD01D

From 405 to GRM21B6T2A181JD01L

From 1022C to 1798B

From GRM3166T1H391JD01D to 72-1020

From GRM3196T2A270JD01D to 5127

From 72-7740 to FD-20AU

From 7806 to AM-530

From GRM31M6T2A331JD01L to 4904

From DMM4040 to GRM2167U1H120JD01D

From GRM2167U1H121JZ01D to 2161

From SR661 to 5223

From U1271A to GRM2197U2A131JZ01D

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