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From AT24C08SC-09CT-2.7 to AT24C128SC-09DT-2.7

From AT24C128T1-10TC to AT24C164-10C-2.7

From AT24C164-10I to AT24C16N-10SI-TR

From AT24C16SC to AT24C256N-10SI-1.8

From AT24C256N-10SI-2.7 to AT24C32-10TC

From AT24C32-10TC-1.8 to AT24C512-10C-2.7

From AT24C512-10I to AT24C64-10PC-2.7

From AT24C64-10PI to AT24C64SC-09DT-2.7

From AT24C64W-10SC to AT25010-10PI-2.7

From AT25010-10SC to AT25020AY1-10YI-1.8

From AT25020AY1-10YI-2.7 to AT25080A

From AT25080A-10PI-1.8 to AT25128-10SC-2.7

From AT25128-10SI to AT25160-10-2.7

From AT25160-10PC to AT25256-10PC-2.7

From AT25256-10PI to AT25320AY1-10YI-1.8

From AT25320AY1-10YI-2.7 to AT25640T1-10TC-1.8

From AT25640T1-10TC-2.7 to AT25HP512-10PI-1.8

From AT25HP512-10PI-2.7 to AT27BV020

From AT27BV020-10 to AT27BV040-12VI

From AT27BV040-15 to AT27BV256-90JI

From AT27BV256-90RC to AT27BV512-70TI

From AT27BV512-90 to AT27C010-17I

From AT27C010-17M to AT27C01020D

From AT27C01020I to AT27C010L-55TC

From AT27C010L-55TI to AT27C020-15PI

From AT27C020-15TC to AT27C040-12RC

From AT27C040-12RI to AT27C080-10I

From AT27C080-10JC to AT27C080-90RI

From AT27C080-90TC to AT27C1024-55C

From AT27C1024-55I to AT27C2048-12PI

From AT27C2048-12VC to AT27C256R-12TI

From AT27C256R-15 to AT27C256R-70C

From AT27C256R-70I to AT27C400-70RI

From AT27C400-70TC to AT27C4096-70JI

From AT27C4096-70PC to AT27C512R-15RI

From AT27C512R-15TC to AT27C512R-90JC

From AT27C512R-90JI to AT27C520-90TI

From AT27C520-90XC to AT27LV010A-70JI

From AT27LV010A-70TC to AT27LV040A-15JC

From AT27LV040A-15JI to AT27LV256A-55JI

From AT27LV256A-55RC to AT27LV520

From AT27LV520-70 to AT28BV256-25JI

From AT28BV256-25PC to AT28C010-12UM/883

From AT28C010-15 to AT28C010E-12JI

From AT28C010E-12LM/883 to AT28C04-25M

From AT28C04-30C to AT28C04E-35C

From AT28C04E-35I to AT28C17-15C

From AT28C17-15I to AT28C256-15SI

From AT28C256-15TC to AT28C256E-15SI

From AT28C256E-15TC to AT28C256F-20C

From AT28C256F-20DM/883 to AT28C64-15SC

From AT28C64-15SI to AT28C64B-20JI

From AT28C64B-20M to AT28C64E-20PI

From AT28C64E-20SC to AT28C64X-25TC

From AT28C64X-25TI to AT28HC256E-12M

From AT28HC256E-12PC to AT28HC256F-70PI

From AT28HC256F-90 to AT28HC64B-70TI

From AT28HC64B-90 to AT28LV256-25TI

From AT28LV256-30C to AT29BV010A-25TI

From AT29BV010A-30 to AT29C010A-15JC

From AT29C010A-15JI to AT29C020-20I

From AT29C020-20M to AT29C1024-15

From AT29C1024-15C to AT29C256-25M

From AT29C256-70 to AT29C432

From AT29C432-12 to AT29LV010A-12JI

From AT29LV010A-12TC to AT29LV020-25I

From AT29LV020-25JC to AT29LV256-20JI

From AT29LV256-20PC to AT34C02-10PC

From AT34C02-10PC-1.8 to AT40K05AL-1AQI

From AT40K05AL-1BQC to AT40K10LV-3AJI

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