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From 2SC3268 to 2SC3332

From 2SC3333 to 2SC3400

From 2SC3400 to 2SC3460

From 2SC3460 to 2SC3519

From 2SC3519A to 2SC3598

From 2SC3599 to 2SC3641

From 2SC3642 to 2SC3679

From 2SC3679 to 2SC3750

From 2SC3750F to 2SC3793

From 2SC3795 to 2SC3854

From 2SC3855 to 2SC3914

From 2SC3915 to 2SC3954

From 2SC3954 to 2SC3992

From 2SC3993 to 2SC4051

From 2SC4052 to 2SC4095-T2

From 2SC4095R to 2SC4135

From 2SC4137 to 2SC4177-T1

From 2SC4177-T2 to 2SC4220

From 2SC4220 to 2SC4262

From 2SC4264 to 2SC4361

From 2SC4362 to 2SC4412

From 2SC4413 to 2SC4445

From 2SC4445 to 2SC4481

From 2SC4481 to 2SC4511

From 2SC4512 to 2SC4564

From 2SC4567 to 2SC461

From 2SC4612 to 2SC4640

From 2SC4641 to 2SC4694

From 2SC4695 to 2SC4745

From 2SC4746 to 2SC4838

From 2SC4839 to 2SC4890

From 2SC4891 to 2SC4955-T2

From 2SC4956 to 2SC5004-T2

From 2SC5005 to 2SC5030

From 2SC5032 to 2SC5080

From 2SC5081 to 2SC5130

From 2SC5132A to 2SC5183-T2

From 2SC5183R to 2SC5226

From 2SC5227 to 2SC5265

From 2SC5265LS to 2SC5310

From 2SC5310 to 2SC5345SF

From 2SC5345U to 2SC5393

From 2SC5404 to 2SC5444

From 2SC5444 to 2SC5497

From 2SC5501 to 2SC5554

From 2SC5555 to 2SC5612AS

From 2SC5622 to 2SC5695AS

From 2SC5696 to 2SC5781

From 2SC5782 to 2SC5894

From 2SC5895 to 2SC982TM

From 2SD0592 to 2SD1000-T1

From 2SD1000-T2 to 2SD1064

From 2SD1064 to 2SD1163A

From 2SD1164 to 2SD1230

From 2SD1231 to 2SD1265

From 2SD1266 to 2SD1348

From 2SD1349 to 2SD1423A

From 2SD1424 to 2SD1538

From 2SD1538A to 2SD1623

From 2SD1623 to 2sd1691

From 2SD1699 to 2SD1755

From 2SD1756 to 2SD1804

From 2SD1805 to 2SD1854

From 2SD1856 to 2SD1905

From 2SD1906 to 2SD1985A

From 2SD1991A to 2SD2067

From 2SD2067TENTATIVE to 2SD2121

From 2SD2121L to 2SD2176

From 2SD2177 to 2SD2242A

From 2SD2247 to 2SD2341

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