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Here a description of services we propose for our members
DigChip offer an advanced online tool to find your electronic component technical information and it can locate where you can buy it.

Technical documents:
Our database records contains about 1 millions of part numbers, from 700 manufacturers, datasheets are stored locally. A record consists of set information: part number, category, description, manufacture and the datasheet. The newest circuits contain additional information like package and parametric search feature.

Circuits are separated into categories or by function to help you to locate rapidly the component you are looking for.

Advanced search is also provided for users who donít know exactly the function or part number, you type keywords then the system search inside datasheets and return back results.

If you are looking for alternative or equivalent part of your component, you can use our cross reference search engine which contains about 200 000 records.

Database is updated every day. To see what are the new components added just go to the "New Circuits" section.

Members can also locate distributors and send them RFQ (Request For Quote). With our interface, the user type the part number then our search engine will dig inside distributors inventories in real time and return back results. The member will be invited to send RFQ to selected distributors

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