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TitleModules Accessories Compute Card Dock DK132EPJ
CompanyIntel Corporation
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Others parts numbering
BLKCD1C64GK: Single Board Computers Compute Card Celeron N3450
BLKCD1M3128MK: Single Board Computers Compute Card Core m3 7Y30
BLKCD1P64GK: Single Board Computers Compute Card Pentium N4200
BLKCD1IV128MK: Single Board Computers Compute Card Core i5-7Y57


Features, Applications

Intel® Compute Card Dock DK132EPJ may contain design defects or errors known as errata that may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata, if any, are documented in Intel® Compute Card Dock DK132EPJ Specification Update.

Revision 001 Revision History First release Date August 2017
This product specification applies to only the standard Intel® Compute Card Dock DK132EPJ.

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The table below indicates the Specification Changes or Specification Clarifications that apply to the Intel® Compute Card Dock DK132EPJ. Specification Changes or Clarifications

Date Type of Change Description of Changes or Clarifications

Current characterized errata, if any, are documented in a separate Specification Update. See for the latest documentation.


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